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    • Hmm, I think you're US based right (the Reddit chic if I'm not mistaken?)? I'm from the EU, but have been coming to SEA a lot in the last 3 years. In my experience, the two major stops are either Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, at least for the surrounding countries; Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Nepal, and India.

      Cambodia is an absolute gem in the rough. Hardly touched by the modern world, and has hands-down the best landscape I have ever been a witness to. The sunsets here could spark a thousand love stories from dusk 'till dawn. :)

    • Thanks, Chris. Actually, on a more nomad-ish trip. Had an inkling to go at the time, and found myself in a bit of a vortex of life shortly afterwards. A fun experience, and has me coming back every year. :)

    • Yes, I was indeed at reddit :)

      Thank you for sharing these great insights. Good to know that it's not as challenging to get to Cambodia as one might think - and definitely worthwhile.

    • I am embarrassed at my lack of geographical knowledge of SEA. If I only had a couple of weeks, what countries would you suggest? I am not a lay around on a beach person. I like to get out and experience culture, hike, see what the people are like. Food is not so important, time spent seeing and experiencing is more important.

    • I started my travel journey with Nepal, shortly after the devastating earthquake that happened in April, 2015. Over the two months that I spent there, I feel like no other place has come even remotely close to the density of experience that I was able to get out of my trip.

      The capital city, Kathmandu, has an entirely different vibe compared to other places I have been to. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that this has to do with the fact that there's a strong Hinduism and Buddhist community there. There are ancient temple complexes that still carry out traditional cremation -- in public -- ceremonies, and it really opens up your mind about the things you read in books and what you get to see with your real eyes.

      Many, many good things to say about Nepal.

      Thailand is great, also has a strong sense of community. I was surprised how advanced Bangkok was in terms of people living a truly modern life, yet the city retains the mystery that prevails most of Asia. I'm actually planning to go back down, though visit the southside (islands) this time around.

      And then, of course, Bali. This is paradise on steroids should you be able to recognize what's happening on this little island. There's culture, sights, people, and anything else your heart desires. Affordable, the food is great, and can be a place to taste the supernatural. ;-)

      I'm still in the process of transforming all these experiences into stories, lessons, etc. But that's not going to happen overnight.

    • I have heard great things about Vietnam, but never been myself. A lot of folks seem to be fond of the idea of riding a motorcycle around the country. Going outside of the cities, life can quickly become 'alien', in a sense that you might end up eating frogs, insects, and other kinky stuff for the duration of your trip. But, this is what makes travel so beautiful.

      Rest assured that a lot of places have been corrupted (modernized) in this part of the world, and you can quickly forget that you're even travelling... Though, sounds like you're the adventurer type. ;-)