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    • So with all the photographers on here I am hoping someone can answer me this: I enjoy taking photos (enthusiastic) and sometimes the only camera I have with me is my iphone X -- but when I go to take a shot of a beautiful sky at dawn or dusk the color does not come through --- what's the secret?

    • Hey United78, I have an iPhone X and feel your pain because by default the results look washed out. But there are a few simple things to do.

      One is to go into the settings and make sure auto HDR is turned on.

    • The second thing is when you take the photo, you have to tap the screen on the brightest part to get the camera to expose to that part. Otherwise it makes the sky too bright to get the other parts to not be too dark. If you can live with other parts being dark, then you get a rich sky.

    • Huh. I didn’t realmember turning that on but I guess I did. It’s to align subjects to the rule of thirds, which is popular among photographers. I don’t really believe in the rule of thirds — I prefer subjects to be centered — but I Shoot rule of thirds sometimes, maybe to feel like a cool kid, who knows.

      I noticed this shot from Peter Jackson’s movie was rule of thirds and I liked it that way: