438 years ago in 1580, Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world to place his name in the history books but he wasn't the first or even close to it.

61 years prior, Magellen tried it but died in battle in the Philippines in 1521 and maybe his slave was the first, there s a very interesting article about this and one fo the crew who documented the voyage, details are here

...but enough about them, what about you, have you done it? or want to do circumnavigate the globe, by plane, boat, motorcycle, bicycle etc

For those that have (i'm in that list) if there was one thing, one person or one day that stood out tell us about it?

If its in the future, even if its a pipe dream where, what, when do you think will be the most amazing part of your dream trip?

I'm always intriged to know what people expect, fear, fantasise, romantatise about long term travel, is it - history, food, people, culture, sights, languages, crowds, solitude, future memories, the escape, the return, weather. What would make you leave everything you know and trust for a life of travel?

If you have a question, maybe something stopping you, ask it, the answer might be enough to make you leave...