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    • One year ago today, Google pulled the plug on Google+, possibly one of its most beloved products ever. To be frank, Google+ was already on life support well before that. The influx of bots, lack of a clear vision for the platform, and poor development all marked the end of Google+ even before Google officially announced it would be sunsetting the social network. I anticipated the downfall and started looking for greener pastures, which led me to Twitter. I still needed a place for my long-form writing though, which eventually led me to Cake.

      It's been a year now since Google+ left us, and I wonder how the other Google+ refugees are doing. I'm quite happy with my Twitter - Cake combo. Twitter is where I go for my news and my own social media posts, while Cake is where I go for my writing and to get into more in-depth discussions.

      How about other refugees?

    • Much as I enjoy interactions on Cake, I do still miss the G+ experience. This is not surprising as, in my opinion, they are entirely different propositions. Even if G+ were still alive, I would still value my time on Cake equally highly.

      I think the real sense of loss is the contacts one acquires over time. I have no idea where most of my G+ buddies ended up. They may all be on Cake, for all I know!

      As for Twitter, I just cannot get on with it. Whereas Cake resembles the slow drip from a bottle of exquisite single malt whisky, Twitter is like turning the garden hose on full. I enjoy the former, and suffer the latter.

    • I also still miss the G+ experience, mainly because of the number of photographers I connected with there.

      I have also switched to Twitter and Cake.

      Twitter is difficult because as @CygnusX1 pointed out it is like drinking for a hose on full. I have tried to limit the people I am following and periodically will pare down my content there.

      I enjoy Cake but I wish for more interaction here on topics other than the current crisis.

    • I enjoy Cake but I wish for more interaction here on topics other than the current crisis.

      I’ve started to see more non-CV conversations started here in the past few days, @Denise, including your own. Hopefully, that trend will continue: I think we all could use a break from the constant news.

    • I used to compare G+ to having several radio stations but with some of the radio stations private and others public. People decided whether or not to "tune in" to another person's station.

      Not all radio stations broadcast the same genre and G+ made it quite easy to build niche audiences in a variety of different ways. Parts of G+ felt like Ham Radio operators interacting with each others while other parts such as collections allowed for broadcasting on one specific topic.

      Because there is little to no privacy in Cake and because nothing similar to G+ circles is available on Cake, it is not an adequate substitute for the G+ experience but in the absence of G+, it does allow some mutual interest based social media sharing.

      The death of G+ was probably a boon for Cake.

    • I was on Google+ until the bitter end. While I do miss it in a way, I never had much engagement on there. I hope those who miss Google+ have found Cake! 🎂😀

    • Has it really been a whole year? It seems it wasn't that long ago. On the other hand, the last month or so packed a whole decade worth of happenings, events two weeks ago seem a lifetime away.

      I still miss G+, but hey, that's (tech) life. Cake has mostly replaced a G+ shaped hole in my heart, when it comes to deeper, more thoughtful discussions and reading. For news and general zeitgeist, Twitter is the no.1 source for me.