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    • Holy cow, DangerDave, you really know how to photograph motorcycles. After 10 minutes on your site I had to keep the tab open so I can go back and not miss anything. I have tons of questions I can ask in your other thread.

      But the shots of this bike: you got the assist from shooting one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen. You use a flash on your camera to brighten it up?

    • Cheers - yeah, as a rule if its shadow is between me and the bike - I use a speedlight.
      I have no objection to using HDR in PSD either if that's not viable.
      But I try and shoot with the sun behind me wherever possible, but in this case of the pics above I was wanting to put the Gold Coast high rises and surf as a backdrop and that's not possible at any time of day - so I used the flash.
      I also like the results from using the flash with a polarising filter.