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    • Say the headline aloud a couple of times.

      Seriously though, there is a statistical correlate between Capsaican eating and fewer Heart attacks

      I often wonder when a doctor prescribes preventative therapies how many of these are proven to actually reduce a health risk and how many are simply statistical correlates.

    • So, although chillies can be a tasty addition to our recipes and meals, any direct effect is likely to be small and it is more likely that it makes eating other healthy foods more pleasurable.

      I think this is one of those scientific studies where the researchers miss the bigger point of the study:

      Chilies and spices make healthy foods more favorable and therefore more likely to be eaten.

      Imagine that you serve a plain bed of raw kale to someone who’s never had it.

      Next, sauté the kale in olive oil, thinly sliced garlic and a few red chilies 🌶. And now serve that.

      If you know about flavor profiles (combinations of ingredients to create a taste experience) you can use that knowledge to get kids to eat broccoli, spinach—even yellow onions. And getting them to like healthy foods and develop a habit for them when they’re young is key to their avoiding childhood obesity and a pre-diabetic condition.