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    • A big part of what got me started with photography was the desire to slow down and explore the world around me.   It was this desire that got me interested in photography initially, then carrying a camera with me everywhere I go.   It helped me to slow down and really enjoy the places I am traveling to.  It even got me to get out and explore where I might otherwise not due to being too tired, too jetlagged or too busy. 

      I post images almost as they come out of the camera on my blog ShootTokyo.   I have a minimalist digital workflow that keeps me focused on capturing the best raw image that I can in the camera.  I might occasionally crop something out of an image, sharpen a bit or add some vignetting if my lens didn't add it automatically.   That's really about all I do.  

      On my Instagram feed, I'm only posting images captured via my mobile phone's camera.  The exception to this is when I am promoting a new blog post then I use one image from the blog post in my Instagram post.  My Instagram images are edited using the awesome set of available filters.  I tend to up the structure, add vignetting, and then add a filter.  

      I have really taken to Instagram lately.  I really enjoy the simplicity of shooting an image on my phone, quickly editing it in the Instagram App and the posting it.  Viewing other people's images is very easy.  I don't need to commit much time.  I don't need to read their text or comment if I don't want to.  I can scroll and double tap the photos I like to show my appreciation. 

      I was viewing some of my iPhone images in a larger size on my Mac the other day and was really impressed with the details it captures.  There is an amazing amount detail being captured that is lost in the small form factor in which you typically view Instagram at.   Enjoy the details.

      Today's Configuration: iPhone X

    • Hi Dave! Great to see you here. For people who don't know, my previous company SmugMug found Dave so interesting we profiled him in a short film. This image of Dave comes from a blog that profiled Dave by Mark Esguerra.

      Dave has a busy tech job but what I love is how he slows down and just walks around Tokyo and observes and captures its character. I know many high-achieving, hard-charging people who play an instrument or take photos as their creative outlets and selfishly I'm glad Dave chose the camera so we can experience Tokyo this way.

    • Ah, you are too kind Chris. I was mentioning to my wife. I am lucky to meet a lot of people and my blog has been very kind to me but one of the best things that happened to me in the past few years was the SmugMug video you guys made about my photography. I love that video so much. I show it to everyone.

    • Dave, I miss that week @Anton and I followed you around the streets of Tokyo making that film @Chris mentions above.

      A big part of what got me started with photography was the desire to slow down and explore the world around me. 

      This was really cool to witness in person. We watched you freeze in the middle of crowds migrating at rush hour. Your creative process is unique. I have great respect for your style and the images you capture.

      📷: A BTS photo I took on the "Point, Click, ShootTokyo" project.