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    • This is far from being a Featured Post. But, worthy enough for me to share. My own preference and probably not most other folks, but I refuse to allow Siri, Google Home, or Alexa into my house, my refridgerator, my dishwasher or my washing machine.

      But, I had lost patience with the mechanical light timers I was buying at Home Depot....they maybe work for a year or two. So, doing my laps at Costco the other day....I had noticed these before but I went ahead an sprang for some Bluetooth/Wifi LED lightbulbs. Mostly, because I travel a bit and like to have lights go on and off as if I were home.

      Costco carries

    • I actually only bought a 2-pac and setup my living room and bedroom. But, that experiment went so well I got another set for my studio. I can assign a schedule or not depending on the location.

    • I bought one of these mycasaverde controllers, few years back, to play with.. There is an app for it and it's also accessible via web interface on an internet connected PC.

      It's been great at turning lights on/off by schedule - it even knows the changes in sunset / sunrise.

      Also with a couple of inexpensive motion sensors - such as Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Motion Detector(PIRZWAVE2-ECO) set on a schedule easy to do with the app, or using the app's perimeter function to detect when you leave/return home to enable/disable controls, and sends text alerts when a sensor is triggered - I now have a pretty good system am happy with. The app allows creating multiple user profiles with various levels of control.
      I wouldn't trust it yet with critical things such as HVAC or door locks - although some do - but seems the Z-Wave being mainstream it's a nice way to make your own, then over time grow it by adding more devices, cameras, etc.

    • Look what came home from Costco this morning. Acitvatable via both my phone and Alexa.

      In our house Alexa already has a complicated job: trying to figure out why the kids can’t agree on what song to dance to. “Alexa, play Better When I’m Dancin’.”

      “NO ALEXA!! Play FROZEN!”

      ”Alexa, don’t listen to them. Frozen is old. Play Wake Me Up.”


    • With all my enthusiasm for wifi bulbs, I wondered about wifi plugs....Since I work out of my home, my fav home appliance is this Igloo the desert, I drink alot of ice water...and, when I am chillin' on the couch, this keeps my ice bucket always filled with the right sized cubes for the refill. THE PROBLEM is most times I forget to unplug it at night I wake up when I hear it trying to replace the existing ice. I will check out the wifi plug and hopefully I can set it up with a schedule as well.

      Now you got me on a mission. Ideally, I would prefer to just have one app for these wifi accessories...and, Feit's website is confusing...they talk about wifi plugs but do not list them under their products. I have emailed them.