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    • If you haven’t heard of Thwaites Glacier, you probably should. I just found out about it and figured you all would like to know about it as well. It’s a glacier in Western Antarctica that is starting to melt. If it collapses for good as many scientists fear it will if we don’t curb back greenhouse gasses, the oceans will rise to catastrophic levels. Pretty alarming.

    • In my years in earth science, I really thought the science denial in that field was unique. I thought maybe food was close. Both fields had huge companies with financial interests in discrediting the science, and the public didn't want to believe they had to cut back on anything either.

      But the Covid pandemic in the U.S. has been equally fascinating, because I really thought that unlike climate change, covid was tangible for all to see and much harder to deny. But if we can't get people to understand the value of masks and wear them, how are we to focus attention on a glacier in Antarctica?

    • Really good and sobering point, @Chris. I do feel a lot of people are taking the virus seriously, but others are not. Sadly, climate change is what worries me more and I don’t think we’ll see the same type of global response to climate change that we have to COVID. The science will ultimately save us from COVID. It’s just a matter of when. I’m not sure we can be confident the science will save us from climate change. Not because the science isn’t there, but because too many will choose to reject it.

    • The good news is the world in general is doing way way better this pandemic than they did during the Spanish flu. More science, better adherence to things that science tells us helps, more trust in the scientists. Do we really need 95% of the population to accept climate change is caused by humans and is a problem that must be dealt with? I don’t think so. I think we already have enough people concerned and willing to make changes that the tide has turned. We may be late for the party but we will get there. Some damage will be done to be sure but the human race won’t be wiped out. Maybe that’s not an optimistic outlook but it’s something. We ha e the science and technology to make this work. The political will is building very quickly and there have been sea changes in the last five years. Look at the stats from polls on climate change. We will get through this but have to each keep learning and sharing the knowledge. We have to use our vote and ability to write letters to those who can do something. Keep up the good fight.