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    • The latest in the Photowalk travel photography video adventure series, from the Los Angeles area suburb of Riverside. Episode #58. You get to meet mom in the next one, for #59! Stay tuned for that!

      Riverside is halfway between L.A. and Palm Springs, a desert community that's beautiful in the winter, with snow-capped mountains, a historic downtown flanked by the Mission Inn and Fox Theater, a great alley to sneak into for portraits and the craziest, wildest Mexican restaurant ever seen, Tio's Tacos.

      It's all in the above video, so please watch!

      And if you still want more, my #Photowalk companion, Steve Brazill, had me on his show, Behind the Shot, to discuss one of my iconic Riverside shots, and much more.


      Steve's blog post:

    • Notes on Riverside


      Less juggling with balls.  Suggest flaming torches.

      Lighting of Festival of Lights looks like a great event for both photographers and non-photographers alike.  Great share.

      The Riverside vertical old time electric sign for a theater(?) is a great image of the past.  The more of these types of images you share the happier I am: unique city building architecture and decoration are eye candy to me.

      I liked your montage of photos before you started the walk.  It’s a nice way to show me some highlights and entice me to continue watching.


      Useful tip on the Courthouse not allowing cameras.  I liked your phone photos, gives a sense of what’s possible sans camera gear.

      Great black and white photos of your photo shoot with Steve.


      Tio’s Tacos, great place.  Visual treat.

      Appreciated the history lesson on the first naval orange tree in California: and I respect your not pulling back the protective curtain to get a better pic.


      Not a fan of the drone clip: it’s a photo walk, not a photo fly.

      Would’ve liked some composition suggestions for taking photos in the orange groves. Felt this was lacking.

      Good music selection: it blends so seamlessly with the video that I almost forgot to compliment you on this.

      Amazing shot of the turret with the moon in the background.  Wow!

      I always love at the end when you do a photo review and include a few not seen before shots: the oranges on the tree was a nice composition (see below).

      As always, I thoroughly enjoyed your photo walk of Riverside.  Looking forward to the next one!

    • thanks so much Stephen for taking a look! It means a lot to me.
      I love the ones where I go somewhere not generally thought of as photogenic—it’s not HAwaii after all and seeing what we can pull off.
      On the groves, great note! Next time!
      On the drone, note taken. Hope you enjoy my Hilo video when it’s done—sorry to report I’ve been flying all the island!

      Will give her a break when I get home!
      thanks again.