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    • Hi John,

      Do you print them yourself or send them to someone to print?

      One of my good friends is Larry Abitbol, the owner of Bay Photo in Santa Cruz. He started life as a photographer but processed his own work by building a darkroom wherever he lived. Anyway, he said the first time he made a 20x24 Cibachrome, it was spectacular and for the next 44 years, he made a business out of printing.

      Victoria and I will interview him on Cake tomorrow. Here's his hippy lab back in the day:

    • Chris

      Last Christmas I invested in a Canon Pixma Pro 100 color printer. One of the best purchases I ever made. I’m thankful that with my sales to date I’ve paid for the printer. I’m considering an upgrade to the Canon Image Graph Pro 1000. The only problem is space and the consumables are costly. I’m already spending $120 per month Pro 100. If anything I may buy another Pro 100 in the event my current rig goes down.

      I’m planning some photography trips for the summer where I should increase my inventory of salable content. If things go as well as I hope that Pro 1000 or larger printer will join the family.

    • I have owned a Canon ImageProGraf 1000 for about a year now, I bought it to replace my older Epson Stylus 3800 that I have had since the early 21st century.. I love the Pro 1000, but a full set of inks is about $700 bucks, so ink is not inexpensive as you are aware. The printer is large and heavy, and takes its own table. Its wireless connection with my Mac has been flawless to date.

      I find the images very lovely, both color amd monochrome, and every bit as good or better than I got from my older Epson Stylus. I print mostly on Red River Satin or Polar because I have a large amount from previous tasks, and I like them. I also use some Epson and some Canon paper as well.

      I have several metal prints from Bay Photo, and I have some older 16x20 inch Cibachrome images I printed about 30 years ago when I was shooting underwater on SCUBA. I tried printing at home with color negatives but never mastered good color balance control, but Cibachrome was a dream to work with with regard to color balance.

      I have a couple frames from Iceland I have been pondering getting printed large, in metal - I have to coordinate my large prints with my spouse, we don't always agree on what belongs on our walls, and she considers the house her territory - If I behave, she lets me hang around, but not necessarily hang pictures all over. 😬.

    • Good prints these days should last 75->150 years with decent storage - How long will our digital files last and be visible I wonder....... Forever? Or less than a few decades?

      Belt and suspenders had always been a pretty good plan......