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    • Thank your for sharing the link to emojis and their meaning!

      For me personally it is interesting to see how different cultures interpret the same emojis with different meaning. We here at Cake thought and fought over each and every reaction (emoji) and came up with 60 to choose from.

      So I wanted to ask you and others if we have missed some important ones or have some that aren’t useful, clear or potentially abusive?

    • So I wanted to ask you and others if we have missed some important ones or have some that aren’t useful, clear or potentially abusive?

      I think the poop emoji falls into the latter category. Just today I saw it used positively, basically to agree with the OP that something they mentioned was "shit" - but I've also seen it used in a "your post is shit!" kind of way before.

      Then, there are some emojis where I'm not sure what they are supposed to mean when used as a reaction. That includes the three monkeys, the unicorn and the rainbow. I've actually used them in posts where there hasn't been any other reaction yet, because they seem to be generally positive - but it might still be unclear to others why exactly I did that. :)

    • My personal favorite emoji is prayer-hands (which means "please" in my personal shorthand). I definitely think Cake needs more Cake emojis! :)

    • I'm not crazy about the emoji 🙏 because it is ambiguous.

      In the Hindu culture, it represents the belief that their is divinity in each person

      In many "Christian" cultures it has come to mean a supplication directed towards God

      In the secular cuture of some countries, it has come to mean "thank you" and can be directed towards anyone

      In other cultures, it doesn't represent a response after having received but a way of petitioning as in "please."

      Someone once said that if a word has too many meanings, it ceases to have any meaning. In fact the word "definition" refers to a level of preciseness. When we speak of High Definition video, we are meaning that it appears more precise, therefore sharper looking, not pixelated.

      In my opinion, the meaning of 🙏 is pixelated (metaphorically speaking)

      I would like a gratitude or thank you emoji which had no inherent religious significance to anyone.

    • Super interesting:

      The difference between emojis on Chinese and Western apps can shed light on some interesting cultural disparities. I have noticed that Chinese messaging apps tend to have a lot more emojis for expressing deference and embarrassment (with elements like blushing)—traditional Chinese culture prizes humility and indirectness. You can never ask someone a favor without profusely expressing how bad you feel; you can never ask for someone’s time without showing that you think you are hardly worthy of their time.

    • It means that a post made you think about it, or you need more time to think about it. On desktop you can hover over any reaction and the tooltip will show up with describing its meaning:

    • One thing I’ve noticed is that people tend to default to clicking whatever the first emoji response was. Analysis paralysis or “too many jams to choose from”?

      I think it would be extremely cool if the emojis in the drop down menu were listed in order of frequency usage. I suspect the making Maths Fun panelists, future panelists new to Cake, and new users alike will appreciate a short list of the most frequently used emojis on Cake. Liking via emoji is, in essence, learning a new vocabulary. There are still some emojis on that list that have me bemused and curious as to their meaning. (I access Cake via my iPhone so no desktop hover for instant definitions when liking.)

    • Great insight, apm!

      We picked a 🙂 "smile" reaction and put it upfront to help in choice paralysis. We played around with having the 🤔 "thinking" reaction as our default since it is being used often as well. As for elevating "frequently used" reactions above the other reactions, it is on our to do list but it has to compete with all other improvements and missing features.

      Is there another emoji you think should be first? What are your favorite emojis to use on Cake?

    • I really really like that you guys want user feedback. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record, I absolutely love Cake as is. All of my suggestions are tweaks rather than “what was the team thinking?” overhauls.

      Sometimes, I want to express “that was a really amazing idea and I need to spend some time thinking about it before I respond.” Sometimes, I read something and I want to express “I’m not sure what to make of this.” In both scenarios, the only option is 🤔.

      The emojis that I use most often are

      🙂 (IMHO, a good default choice)

      🙃 for when I’m amused

      👍 agree with the user’s point

      🎯 ultimate compliment, brilliant and on-target post

      👏 for when the user has said something moving, meaningful or has done a kindness for another user

      ❤️ Response to sadness experienced by a user. Sympathy/compassion

      😱. OMG!

      😳 omg

      🚀 I have no idea what the official use is, however, I use it as step above a thumbs up. Or just to change things up when 🙂 is feeling like a mechanical response.

    • Is there another emoji you think should be first? What are your favorite emojis to use on Cake?

      Can I vote again? 🙂

      I think the smiley face is a great default.

      My favorite emojis to use on Cake? These are my current favorites:

      ❤️🤣👊🙌🎯 🎂 😢

      Suggestions for new emojis:

      Add 💡 for brilliant idea

      Replace poop with warning ⚠️

      Remove 💥

    • These are great suggestions, apm! 💡

      Let me run these by the team when they come back from the holidays.

      I’ll post an update once we talk this over. 😉