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    • Wow this is a great intro. Thanks for the response! I didn't know these types of trails were marked and ranked. Side question for my curiosity if you so happen to know: Do the state parks department manage this or is it done by volunteers?

      What's the max trail rating you want to attempt in say your first year of off-roading?

      Since this would be the first time ever attempting this, I should probably stay very conservative and stick with green dots and maybe easier blue squares.

      Do you have lockers (locking differential) and what's your tire size?

      Yes the Jeep does have a front and rear locking differentials and 33" tires.

      How much time do you want to spend on the trails?

      Half day sounds like a good starting place then go from there.

      Are you willing to drive a few hours to great trails?

      Maybe not the first time, but after that yes!