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    • @DanSolarMan - Thanks for all the info! You are exactly right, it is so second nature to me to go with other vehicles that I forgot to explicitly mention to never go alone as one vehicle. Going with a group of vehicles is a requirement on most Jeep trails. @bstrong, I would say you're safe to go on forest roads and what not by yourself. Once you graduate to stuff where you need 4-LO, never go alone.

      Even for experienced guys, having a group is necessary for getting unstuck or just getting out of the wilderness if your vehicle breaks down. But for you Brian, going with others will also be a huge benefit for learning how to navigate the trails.

      My first time running the Rubicon a buddy popped a bead and a little starting fluid sprayed in the tire and a match attached to a stick, BOOM!

      Dan, do you think I could have done that to fix my buddy's tire on our last trip 😉