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    • 1. Generally speaking, what can I do to help with this situation? I understand the common suggestions are to eat local and mostly meat-free, but I also wonder about raising awareness and other things. - @Factotum

      Speak to your municipal representative/town council rep about adding more electric and hybrid vehicles to their fleet.

      Post a request on Next Door asking people to call the mayor and tell him/her to replace vehicles with hybrids/electrics. Your town will be able to get a fleet discount and it should be a few bucks extra in tax dollars per person if you do the math (depending on the population).

      That’s a greater environmental impact than if you just bought a Tesla for yourself.

    • If nuclear power is the best thing in the world, but no one wants it, then it either must be implemented undemocratically, or it won't be implemented at all, or the populace of the world needs to be convinced, and fast.

      I wonder if technically speaking a remote, such as out on the orbit, placement of nuclear power plants would not be feasible, with power then being transmitted via energy beam. Of course other than Chernobyl when I was much younger, and closer, I haven't experienced life in relative vicinity of these major failures everyone is afraid of. Today I live twenty minutes away from such a power plant and every time I pas by it's park like setting in the natural beauty of the place can't stop being amazed how clean and healthy everything is all around it, farms, deer, etc.. And to my mind, they still seem very rare occurrences, I wonder if internet isn't over inflating such worries. Yet I agree with what is being said here, that profit is the driving force, rather than safety or concern for environment. And the only things that can be done are acting via democratic channels, which basically means raising voices over and over. in the hope of being heard.

    • I think our fear of nuclear preceded the Internet. We humans seem to fear what rarely happens but is terrifying when it does. Air travel terrifies us, but not cars. Vaccines terrify is but not pain killers. Mountain lions, guns not so much. Nuclear, not meat.

    • And I think the graphic understated other things, like the prominent role dairy plays in breast cancer, or that soy plays in returning nitrogen to the soil so we don’t use as much chemical fertilizer.