Retirement is something we start preparing for long before it happens...or else. The transition away from fossil fuels, if it is to be smooth and uneventful, requires the same long range planning horizon. Many of the same factors come into play: start early and you can do a little at a time, but procrastinate and you'll be scrambling. You can't set a date for your forced retirement, but you can make yourself ready to retire early. In this context, there's no such thing as social security, so you're completely on your own.

My goals are to: 1] Make sure that "things I need" are supported by something that will be here in a post-fossil-fuel world; and 2] Make sure that there are no large, unplanned-for, energy-transition-related expenses during my real retirement.

I use two strategies: 1] Ensure that the above goals are met when I replace things (transportation, appliances, etc.); and 2] Put new things required to meet the above goals on my long term (5+ year) plan. Strategy #2 ensures I prioritize and do the important things first.

A few years ago, I replaced my 10-year old commuter, which was starting to incur some high-mileage expenses, with an EV; and switched the house over to wind power via Arcadia power at the link below (there are many other options). I'm planning to put solar panels on the roof to cover as much of my usage as I can afford to cover within the next couple of years. I'm looking to move the house off of firewood for heat, eventually, but I have yet to identify a suitable successor. Also, transitioning my food supply to local-only sources which don't rely on fossil fuels for production or transport is something I'm not sure it is possible to do. I have absolutely no idea how I still get my coffee (in Montana) in a post fossil fueled world, and this troubles me greatly.

I don't get all nutty about it. I take into account the availability and maturity of replacements for devices or processes currently relied on. Also, none of the above applies if the topic or thing in question is something I can do without.

So...what's your plan? How do you go about achieving it?