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    • I’m lucky enough through my work to have been to some spectacular reefs around the world. The Bahamas is world famous for its crystal clear warm waters (think James Bond in Thunderball), shark dives (which I’ve done many times, no worries), and miles of coral reefs. My time in Mauritius also was magnificent, diving with dolphins, every color imaginable, and vast school of fish. I visited the Great Barrier Reef for the first time last summer while I was out there for a coral reef restoration workshop, and I’m actually en route to the Red Sea now for another workshop. My bucket list includes Indonesia, the Seychelles, Palau, and plenty more.

      As you pointed out in your question though, all of these places have suffered high rates of coral mortality. The best thing to do for coral reefs isn’t to hire companies like Coral Vita, but (shockingly) is to stop killing them. We need our political, industry, and media leaders to step up and push climate change mitigation measures forward, alongside efforts to eliminate pollution, overfishing, and activities that harm both coral reefs and human health. Failure is not an option, and time is of the essence to protect them.