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    • disclaimer: I don't use or own an iPhone. My wife does. For me, iPhones just do not work, I get annoyed approximately 5 seconds after having one in hand.

      For GMail management - find a PC/Mac/Chromebook, something with a real browser, go to and get your stuff sorted out in minutes.

      For getting off the phone before sleep - no idea about iphone, maybe just set a calendar reminder? On Android, use Digital Wellbeing app.

      Unless you keep your iPhone glued to your person at all times, Alexa (or Google Home, etc) is much better for mundane things like saying "Alexa, set 11 minutes pasta timer" right from the kitchen where you just put the pasta in the water, or asking about the commute, weather, or how much is 210 C in Farhenheit so you can set up your imperial-using oven to the right temperature for perfect jacket potatoes :) (and I mean saying, as opposed to yelling Hey Siri in the hopes that it will hear you across the room)

      Photos question is hugely subjective and divisive. I don't have a leg to stand on to offer any practical advice that I wouldn't be able to immediately and vigorously refute from the other side. Perhaps consider reframing the question and make it when you need to get an entry-level camera in addition to an iPhone.

      For hardcopy backup google-fu spit this at me -

    • Thanks for tagging me....believe it or not....I don't really have anything to offer in regards to this topic. If it doesn't work for me I don't use it. I don't use any cloud services, I don't use any Alexa-like devices and try to deny anything in my house that has any sort of AI attached to it. I host my own email, I have my own cloud and I manage my own web hosting.

    • Thanks for tagging me too! Nothing is coming to mind right now but I'll see if something jumps out at me.

    • These may seem mundane and simple, but they are the everyday annoyances that bug me personally:

      • Robocalls. Why do I get 5/day despite installing apps like nomorobo?

      • Notifications. They seem to invade every crevice of my life and every now and then I think I have to get more organized about them so I go up to, say, Facebook and am overwhelmed at the options. And then mundane ones still keep swarming like mosquitos.

      And on my iPhone, they seem to pop up just when I’m in a hurry typing an address into google maps and capture my tapping to take me away from google maps. A standup comedian could do a very funny routine about it.

      • Safety. A dialog says I have to install Flash Player? Should I? Chrome flashes a frightening red banner when I click on a link I thought was safe encouraging me to return to safety. Do I dare use the free WiFi at the airport? Something something about my VPN app maybe making it okay? How come sometimes it no worky unless I disable the vpn? Is Chrome really the #1 spyware as The Washington Post reports?

      How did the guys who smash and grabbed my laptop know it was in the back of the SUV behind tinted glass and hidden under all that stuff? Do I need to power it down instead of putting it to sleep?

      • Photos. Yeah, I’m supposed to know about this but still a major pain point. I take photos of where I parked my car, of the hummus at the store to text my wife and ask if that’s the kind she wants. I don’t want these auto uploaded, mixed with my family photos, yada.

      How do I find that photo you took of me with Don? I uploaded a gallery of old scans of my family to iCloud for archiving and now they’re all on my phone and I don’t want them there.

      • Subscriptions. Oh my God, how many do I have now and how to keep track of them all and get rid of the ones I hardly use? Something something about Apple News reducing the problem?

      • Passwords. Yeah, I use 1Password and 2-factor. Pain in the ass. Trust this computer? Trust it for 30 days? Hmmm...

      • Fakeness. I gave a TEDx that was posted online last week and another guy gave one on same topic with essentially same title about adversity becoming your superpower. He got 20,000 views and lots of comments in 10 hours and he’s not well known. The comments are short and non descriptive, like “well done.” Did he buy the views and comments?

      When am I arguing with a twitter bot? Is the review I found online about the Keto diet legit?

    • I am embarrassed to say I can never remember how to watch a movie on our TV. My husband and sons set it up with AppleTV, Roku, Play Station and who knows what else. They gave me a universal remote and programmed it, but it is hard to understand and doesn't always work.

      I never know if a movie is on Netflix or Amazon and how to log in or enter pin codes.

    • How did the guys who smash and grabbed my laptop know it was in the back of the SUV behind tinted glass and hidden under all that stuff? Do I need to power it down instead of putting it to sleep?

      They opened up a bluetooth scanner which showed them your laptop cheerily advertising itself to anyone within 30 feet willing to listen. If you're going to leave your device unattended in the car, leave it in airplane mode or power it down.

    • 1. Sensible photo organization.

      It is an endless topic of discussion. I use iPhoto synced to iCloud for my iPhone shots, SmugMug galleries for sharing iPhone and camera shots with my friends and family. Finally there are Lightroom Catalogs for Archiving and Editing. Keeping all three systems in some organized form is a major challenge.

      2. iPhoto issues.

      Turns out that old iPhoto catalogs (6 years old ) are incompatible with new iPhoto. So I have to manually extract the photos from the catalog package and reimport into the newest version of iPhoto. That is a major pain and I've been procrastinating to do for at least a year.

      There are also plenty of compatibility issues between versions of iPhoto. I get that new software brings new functionality, but my iCloud is synced between 3 different Macs: MacBook, Mac Pro and iMac. All three have different versions of iPhoto, and I often can't edit some photos on one machine, but can on the other. It drives me crazy to have to switch between computers just so I can edit an iPhone shot because it is in the new HEIC format.

    • I would think if you upgraded to the last version of iPhoto (9.6.1), then you’d be able to migrate your library to Apple Photos just fine.

    • On vacation for a few days and the hotel TV’s menu listed “Internet TV”. Clicked on it and one of the options was to log in to my Netflix account. Five minutes later I had access to all of my saved shows and found a ridiculous campy movie to watch. This, at least, is tech complexity that I am happy to live with. 🙂