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    • I think there is a bit of the "chicken or egg" in a discussion of this topic. Some markets are created by marketers but other times an entrepreneur sees a situation as providing an opportunity to exploit.

      There's also (and has been for at least 100 years) a great polarization among the wealthy. There have often been Roosevelts and Rockefellers who tended to support centralized national government and also wealthy people who supported a strong local government/weak national government model.

      You are have been involved in the start up of at least two businesses, but I doubt that your political viewpoints are based strictly on what is most profitable for MY business. The idea that all founders of businesses and CEOs are monomaniacs who only hold political positions due to their monomania is the same kind of prejudice as that prejudice which says thing like "All people from such and such a culture are..." or "All people from such and such a country are..." or ""All people whose skin color is _____ are...".

      Bigotry takes many shapes but it is fundamentally the same thing. Just as it is anti-semitic to speak of a worldwide jewish conspiracy, so it is just as bigoted to suggest that business people are involved in a conspiracy to make our society polarized.

      It is easy to imagine the worst about people who are different than self. It is far harder to learn to give strangers, foreigners, and people whose income is different than self's income the benefit of the doubt.