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    • Wow, how I enjoyed this. I was not familiar with Tristan Harris but man did he nail this. I took notes on the clip so that gives you an idea how it struck me. LOL. This statement is what really drove it home for me. "We have paleolithic emotions - medieval institutions - and we have God like technology. So we are chimpanzees with nukes."

      He also mentioned that the polarization of society is part of the business model which it is. I believe he is very wise to hit on the model because I believe this is the core of the issue. Until we build technology where the user is at the center of the controls we will always be on the losing side. Thanks for tagging me on this Chris. I am just about finished with the essay I am working on and this helped flesh out a few more ideas. Here is the cover I am working on. I am only sharing to show how relevant this is. Cake - where deep conversations thrive!!!