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    • I just got out of the shower after a run in the California foothills of the SF Bay Area. I don’t remember touching any brush, didn’t notice him in the shower.

      Then I got a hoodie from a drawer in the closet, slipped it on, and shortly after felt an itch on my forearm. I pulled up the sleeve to find this. After pulling him off, it feels like a bee sting.

      My bet is he was in my sweatshirt and I surprised him. Now do I turn into Spider-Man?

    • He seemed to have been dead when I finally spotted him. I had been scratching for a minute or two over the sweatshirt.

      He was small enough that at first I thought he was a tick.

    • I'd try and research to ID the specimen, based on geographical area of habitat and image. Probably not poisonous enough to be a big concern, all spiders are to an extent, but it's definitely worth knowing for sure.

    • I'm no doc but just looks like a common house spider. Could be painful for a little while but I doubt it will do any harm. Otherwise, try pouring some alcohol on it and amputate.

    • Garden spiders typically are not aggressive and are not known to be medically important. It is unlikely that bites would occur unless someone disturbed a female in her web or gave reason for a garden spider to feel threatened. (Source)

      I did a Google reverse image search and it came up as a European Garden Spider.