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    • Has anyone been watching this SyFy network show? My daughter got me hooked on it, I've been watching it on Amazon Prime. Took me a couple of tries to get past the first episode, but once I got about three episodes in, I was totally hooked. SyFy has dropped it after three seasons, but I hear that Amazon might be picking it up. Hope so!

    • I’ve been trying to keep up, have read all the books so I’m pumped to see how they take it. Tried to get my wife to watch it, but the gratuitous zero g sex scene in the first episode drove her out of the room. :(

      There is a huge fan support effort going to try to get either Amazon or Netflix to pick it up. They flew a plane with a banner around Amazon Studios HQ a couple days, and have done a bunch of call/write campaigns.

    • I'd forgotten about that scene! Yeah, wasn't my favorite either. Tell her that was sort af an aberration, the rest so far doesn't have that type of thing. My daughter has been reading the books and she is very happy with how they have been adapted. She's pretty picky about that, but she thinks in general they have followed the books well, and where they have made changes she thinks they are for the better, or at least don't detract from the story and characters.

    • yeah, a few of the changes, like bringing Avasarala and Bobby in earlier are awesome. There’s another timing change that honestly has me worried they’re just going to skip that whole thread of the story.

    • I read the first four books, I think it was. I eventually lost interest. It took me one season and a bit for the TV show to do the same. It's easy to get lost in the story. I liked many aspects of it. But overall, I'm afraid that I found it to be heavy going. FWIW, I count myself as a big fan of space-shippy, gadgety science fiction.

    • I think that's why I like it, too. We are also watching Killjoys, about some futuristic bounty hunters, and while I enjoy that one, it's definitely not as "serious" a show. Hard to call it light and fluffy, because there's quite a bit of violence; but it also includes more humor, and the characters are more formulaic. It's fun, but I definitely feel that The Expanse has more depth.

      I will probably get tired of it at some point; I generally do with series that go on for any length of time. I never watched the last season of The West Wing; never saw the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock; etc. Even though I loved those shows.

    • Killjoys! That was a blast of a show. I binged two, maybe three, seasons worth on a holiday vacation a while back, then tried to find it in normal broadcasts... nothing. Where are you seeing it?

      And if you like Sherlock, give Elementary on CBS a try.... modern day Holmes, moved to New York.

    • I feel that Elementary is Sherlock Holmes given the standard Hollywood TV treatment. These shows all feel the same, just as, back in the day, Kojack, Cannon, Magnum PI all fit a template. I guess it has to do with budgets, shared writers, tried-and-true formats, that sort of thing. No daring. I watched a lot of Elementary but I haven't missed it since I stopped.

      I gravitate -- strongly -- towards shows which offer something different, more daring. Legion (that first episode was stunning), True Detective season #1, the black comedies we've discussed elsewhere, that's the stuff I find more interesting.

      I'll have to look for Killjoys. I hope it's not too silly, I seem to have trouble with silly (I think it's a fault, not a feature of mine!)

    • And yes, I was watching Elementary for a while, but I think I only got into maybe Season 2... I tend to watch these things with my older daughter when she's home, but she's rarely home anymore. Off doing archaeology and grad school stuff, so when she's home for a month or two we watch lots of the shows she wants to share with me. Then I tend not to get back to them when she's gone. Elementary fell into that category.

    • I don't mind shows that follow a formula, if the stories are interesting and - especially this - if I really like the chemistry of the cast members. I can forgive a lot of "formula" if I really enjoy watching the cast interact. We used to watch Psych when the kids were in high school, and yes it was silly, goofy, and formulaic, but I just enjoyed all of the cast members so much it made it fun for me.