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    • I read the first four books, I think it was. I eventually lost interest. It took me one season and a bit for the TV show to do the same. It's easy to get lost in the story. I liked many aspects of it. But overall, I'm afraid that I found it to be heavy going. FWIW, I count myself as a big fan of space-shippy, gadgety science fiction.

    • I think that's why I like it, too. We are also watching Killjoys, about some futuristic bounty hunters, and while I enjoy that one, it's definitely not as "serious" a show. Hard to call it light and fluffy, because there's quite a bit of violence; but it also includes more humor, and the characters are more formulaic. It's fun, but I definitely feel that The Expanse has more depth.

      I will probably get tired of it at some point; I generally do with series that go on for any length of time. I never watched the last season of The West Wing; never saw the last episode of Season 3 of Sherlock; etc. Even though I loved those shows.

    • Killjoys! That was a blast of a show. I binged two, maybe three, seasons worth on a holiday vacation a while back, then tried to find it in normal broadcasts... nothing. Where are you seeing it?

      And if you like Sherlock, give Elementary on CBS a try.... modern day Holmes, moved to New York.

    • I feel that Elementary is Sherlock Holmes given the standard Hollywood TV treatment. These shows all feel the same, just as, back in the day, Kojack, Cannon, Magnum PI all fit a template. I guess it has to do with budgets, shared writers, tried-and-true formats, that sort of thing. No daring. I watched a lot of Elementary but I haven't missed it since I stopped.

      I gravitate -- strongly -- towards shows which offer something different, more daring. Legion (that first episode was stunning), True Detective season #1, the black comedies we've discussed elsewhere, that's the stuff I find more interesting.

      I'll have to look for Killjoys. I hope it's not too silly, I seem to have trouble with silly (I think it's a fault, not a feature of mine!)

    • And yes, I was watching Elementary for a while, but I think I only got into maybe Season 2... I tend to watch these things with my older daughter when she's home, but she's rarely home anymore. Off doing archaeology and grad school stuff, so when she's home for a month or two we watch lots of the shows she wants to share with me. Then I tend not to get back to them when she's gone. Elementary fell into that category.

    • I don't mind shows that follow a formula, if the stories are interesting and - especially this - if I really like the chemistry of the cast members. I can forgive a lot of "formula" if I really enjoy watching the cast interact. We used to watch Psych when the kids were in high school, and yes it was silly, goofy, and formulaic, but I just enjoyed all of the cast members so much it made it fun for me.