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    • Nobody knows. But to even consider the possibility of a man-made pathogen with a man-made intent.......this suggests something is very wrong with the world we live in.

      Thing is, I can't dispel this eventuality as easily as I would like.

      Did I fall asleep in front of a rerun of the X Files movie?

    • Most viral infections become highly infectious after a period of disease. It takes time for the viral load in a host to become high enough for that host to then become infectious. However, COVID-19 is highly infectious from the beginning, which he thinks points to some genetic modifications.

      Had not considered that. Interestingly provocative.

    • On a serious note, I do think COVID-19 and SARS should motivate China to have more structure and sanitation at their wet markets. I’m not blaming all of this on China, but those markets are really dirty. This video does a good job explaining.

    • I just came across this video. 5 craziest COVID 19 conspiracy theories from around the globe. The first one comes from Southeast Asia where some believe so called "wizards" can actually heal them from the virus. One such "wizard" ended up getting the virus after he tried to perform his exorcism, so I would say he failed. Some other ones on here are crazy too like drinking cow urine. Yikes!

    • I saw this theory shared recently

      "China releases a deadly virus, infects a small percentage of it's own people and seeds the world with virus spreaders. Once it takes hold world wide, China administers a vaccine to the remainder of it's own people.
      The rest of the world melts down and weakens physically and economically. They then dump our debt, devaluing the dollar.
      China manufactures 80% of our pharmaceuticals, India and Pakistan the rest. All 3 countries have stopped exporting pharmaceuticals.
      Read and keep in the back of your mind for potential future reference. Make up your own mind........I'd love to hear people's thoughts.
      See below:
      We are now at war with China. Most don't see it yet. A few days ago China said they would cut off our medications and medical supplies. Is that something a friend or ally says?
      The trade war is the first battle - unfinished.
      Coronavirus is their covert biological war against us. Its already sowing panic and fear and has crashed our stock market. Lay off's will start soon and the unemployment rate will skyrocket as our society grinds to a halt. Bank runs and civil unrest is right around the corner.
      A currency war will be next. Let the financial experts here explain what will happen when China abruptly starts liquidating 1.04 Trillion of our debt and we lose our "reserve currency" status.
      Cyber warfare will be another shot to sow chaos.
      And all the while, our MSM gobbles up Chinese propaganda and amplifies it for the brainwashed masses.
      We are a debtor nation. No one and certainly not China will be pushed around by a debtor. The Chinese will suffer great losses to vanquish us. And they aim to bring us to our knees without firing a shot. The way Reagan did the USSR.
      Coronavirus is just the start."