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    • Thanks for responding! The fact that it isn’t ubiquitous in the daily news there is a positive thing.

      @CygnusX1 I am reminded of the story of a reporter asking Warren Buffet how he knew so much. Buffet grabbed a pile off his desk that was 500 pages and said, “This is how much I read every day.”

      I think restaurants can be a viable business model for someone who wants to quit an unsatisfying day job. But the amount of effort required in selecting a viable location, cuisine, where to buy used equipment, learning how to cook under pressure, order and inventory management, licensing, training, payroll, etc. has to be immense. There’s a show I watch, The Connors, and I cringed at the “evaluation” process the main characters went through in deciding to open a cafe—how many viewers will decide now to imitate that rigorous process and open a restaurant that closes in less than a year?

      But hey, it’s only television. What harm can it do?