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      Prior to the internet stock bubble crash in 2001, I was having dinner with an investment fund partner who I had done some work for. His advice was that if everyone you know was telling you they were going to be rich, it was time to get out of that market. A couple years later I met two young engineers, one who graduated from MIT, who were adamantly claiming they were going to retire at 40 based on their stock investments. A year later was the crash and they learned the most important lesson of investing:

      There’s no easy way to get rich.

      If it sounds quick and easy it’s a scam. The people who I’ve met who were successful investors devoured Value Line and annual reports and every financial piece of data available to find the opportunities that might provide an above average return. And they’d spread their risk so that one bet wasn’t the end of them.

      There’s a great book, the name of which escapes me, that details the “irrational exuberance” of average investors through every bubble from the Tulip Craze in Holland in the 1700s when one bulb went for the price of a house to the the stock market boom and bust in the 1980s. Every time, there’s a belief that the market will continue to go up forever.

      If only it were true and that simple.

      Curious if @JazliAziz can provide some perspective on the speculative investment environment right now in Malaysia.