There are many mediums where individuals can converse free of noise while broadcasting to large audiences like on TV and podcasts. Participating on those platforms is a difficult and expensive task. On Cake it’s not. That’s what’s so special about panels to me.

It’s exciting to think about all the possibilities of panels: journalists telling stories of war, presidential candidates debating, climbers documenting their ascent of some unscaled big wall, etc. But panels aren’t just reserved for big public influencers. 

We give all our users the ability to create panels. Anyone with access to the internet anywhere can organize a panel, and participants can roam globally. I believe we’ll elevate peoples' voices that would otherwise never be heard. We're expanding the gamut of what can be discussed publicly. I can’t wait to see how that plays out.

Being a part of a team that brings this powerful tool to life is a large reason why I'm at Cake.

📷: We spent a week together in Truckee earlier this year imagining the endless possibilities for great panels. Chris's mind couldn't stop running, even during the epic Sierra sunsets.