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    • I love Krugman and recently finished his newest book but I can’t read this because of a paywall. I’m forever searching for workarounds to read his stuff. Should probably just pay the price to get quality journalism.

    • I found it here. Yeah nothing new but pretty much dead on. If Democrats can’t figure out how to get around gerrymandering they’re screwed. I’d also add that if say the coronavirus mutates and we really struggled to get it controlled in the next year and a half - well the midterms will be a disaster and no new legislation will happen. American people are looking like a huge group (40%+) of ignorant people. That’s a polite way of putting it. But considering how many believe in a second coming, ghosts, ufos, ancient aliens, creationism and so many conspiracies - we shouldn’t be surprised the rich could take over the Republican Party and drive it to further their agenda.

    • You know, I wonder how much of our current situation is a result of the change in the publishing model brought by the Internet. I remember being a paperboy for both the morning paper and the afternoon paper. It seemed like everyone in our neighborhood subscribed to one or both, and some also got the Wall Street Journal. It provided a good financial model to the papers so they could have correspondents all over the world.

      But the Internet happened and people cancelled those subscriptions. The papers cut way back and now a few survivors have launched subscription models that kept them somewhat financially healthy.

      I have probably 10 subscriptions, which are a pain to maintain because passwords, logins on every device, yada. The most successful of them, The New York Times, has 7 million subscribers — a small fraction of the US population. So most people are getting their news from increasingly shaky new sources and more pubs are having to go subscription and cut out the majority of their readers.

      Americans didn't get their believes in Q Anon from paid publications.

    • Lots of good comments! Yeah, I think the major issue we have is quality journalism is being discredited and reducing its footprint while conspiracy theory driven drivel is sucking up more of the attention and getting more of the headlines. It’s frightening.

      I also feel like people just gotta be smarter. Ya know? I’m amazed at the number of people who believe whatever they see on the internet. It sadly doesn’t bode too well for us as a species.

    • They are thinking like religious crusaders. The Republican Party has brainwashed half the American people to think the Democrats are there to take away their guns, their rights, raise taxes through the roof, end religion and change the USA into a communist country. It’s gotten so bad it’s hard to even have any hope anymore. I’m glad I’m not American but it’s not very comforting to think what will or would happen to America when the Republicans have permanent control and then some leader takes over permanently. Education system failed. Laws failed. Government failed. All failing at an astonishing rate. Damage control almost seems futile.

    • Yeah the dumbing down of America. Add in Fox News and here you are. Honestly though it also comes back to your Christian foundation. People think faith is something to be held in high regard but it’s to accept things without evidence. Blind faith is all too common. People learn to believe all kinds of nonsense they are told and reject what goes against their religion. Evolution is the foundation of biology. Let’s throw that out because it’s against our religion. Science attacks or seems to undermine our religion - throw that out too. People are taught that believing nonsense is something that makes them morally superior. It’s a dang joke. Spend more on weapons than education....Not good. Spend more on incarceration than education...Not good. Spend more on bullshit ‘news’ than quality journalism and here you go. People can’t even read at a grade 8 level never mind reading the dumbed down New York Times. Heck people can barely focus longer than a 90 second YouTube video. Not talking the users on Cake but what’s happening to Americans. Not that other western countries are immune but America seems to be leading the way. Honestly I’d say American immigration of educated or wealthy people from other countries is a large part of what’s held the country together in regards to science and tech. That’s a failing model. Critical thinking is in short supply world wide as made clear by the internet. The video I posted on a few threads recently talks about how the corporate profit motive has led to social media companies that create humans fed highly emotional content that brainwashes and leads them to nonsense material. All to see more advertising and make the rich richer. Where will it end? Scary to imagine. The insurrection has done nothing but made the Republican Party double down on their current direction. Nuts

    • Not about intelligence but lack of critical thinking skills. They’re different things. Also have to consider what social Media companies are doing to get people exposed to the crap stuff they hear and read as you’ve said. Add in right wing media like Fox News and yikes. Not good. Not good.

    • I’d say it’s similar to how the Christians slowly but persistently get their anti-evolution and anti-abortion ideology into the courts, education system and so on. They just keep hitting every spot and crevice over and over and over, never letting up.

    • Social media by and large sells clickbait, unregulated rage, scandal and downright damaging misinformation, any time it suits and benefits them, without any accountability, as we have seen. It's as if a machiavellian mastermind has decided to make humanity self destruct from stupidity and lack of education. And it's all done in the name of profit, monetizing, political leverage and religious indoctrination.

    • Exactly!! So what’s to be done about it? There are a few insiders telling people about it but they haven’t gone viral yet. Heck even I can’t remember their names. Social media needs to be where this is promoted. Wonder how that will go?

    • Well, what is to be done to put real, good and healthy society values before merely materialistic ambitions, is the priceless question for which money isn't the answer... but check this thought provoking video that might suggest some ideas. I donate to them occasionally, simply because I admire how the site has managed to grow organically and remaining uninfluenced and generally unbiased, because it is open in it's entire operations, and on how any censoring and editorial decisions are being graciously made.

    • Hope you’re not implying Earth is an organism. Certainly geological processes will eventually recycle everything and bounce back as it has been doing for the last 4.55 billion years.

    • I wonder, if dolphins could speak, what would they have to say about many of the human's stupidity.. I look even at recent movies made in the last few years, and they are all subpar quality not worth my time, while the actual video and tech effects are extraordinary (I'd rather watch old movies or re watch some).. that says something. The 'Earth' does not know to raise it's children nor promote the ones worth enhancing the evolutionary aspects. Instead, it's apparently success by the numbers, same old animalic instincts controlling every single action. ..Maybe I read and saw too much visionary SciFi, but this is a time where an intelligent species would move away from pursuing idiotic ambitions in religious or politcal ideals, and start considering the true values that should drive it forth in this millenia.

      So rather than just Elon making rockets to be proud of, and tweet about, and rise stock prices, have nations truly come together and unite in efforts to eradicate injustice, famine, sickness, poverty, and rather that single, mad politicians fighting for dictatorial powers, approach a common good consensus and governing ways.

    • Not implying earth is an organism, just suggesting a geological perspective to lighten the conversation a bit. A few years ago I became concerned about the world my grandchildren would inherit; presently the immediate future confronting my grown sons and our families is frightening enough.

    • I feel like I'm beginning to live the movie Idiocracy. The movie seems to be less satire of the times than a prediction of the future of our country.

    • Did anyone catch the CNN special on QAnon? Absolutely frightening stuff. Amazing that there are so many people who buy that BS!

      So long as there remains a large chunk of the population that is willing to believe such nonsense, I'm afraid our country as a whole is in a doom loop of bizarro. Truly alarming.

    • Wikipedia does good work. Absolutely worth supporting, imo.

      I agree with @cvdavis that they have become a really good source for truth. They filter out any BS that comes floating their direction. It's great.

    • Fantastic. Great find. I have a good friend who has posted here a few times and works there. I think she's one of the most level-headed and honest people I know.

      I think both Aljazeera and Wikipedia are great.

    • This thing is actually even more crooked than you think. Check out this section:


      So obviously they're thinking of a Republican and some patsy from the Libertarian or Constitution parties to pull out and LEGALLY throw out ballots.

      If anyone here has any ideas on how to make this go viral, especially in AZ, please speak up. This Rep Bollock who sponsored this is a pure traitor to the oath he took to the Constitution.

    • The Republican Party is just straight dirty. I’m not saying Democrats are perfect, but man, Republicans have sunk to lows that not even I thought they were capable of sinking to.

      Somewhat off topic from your comment, but in line with this overall conversation, the fact that Marjorie Taylor Greene has received so much support from the House GOP is alarming.

      It’s good she got kicked off her committee assignments, but damn it’s shocking that the GOP is courting her wild and dangerous theories.