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    • Seems to me Google could either expand the internal sharing/messaging functionality in YouTube, or build out sharing in Google Photos.

      In the latter case, I could imagine a sort of Instagram product within G-Photos, but with far better image editing and storage capabilities.

    • Whenever people say Google doesn't get social, I think YouTube is pretty incredible. It gave rise to a vast array of creators, commenters, and viewers of social content like few people envisioned.

      Aside from YouTube, which they bought, it's hard to imagine where they go with social when they have a long history of giving up on everything they try. Maybe you're right and they'll just add social features to existing products. Mashable seems to think they are doing that with search:

    • Google has excelled in many product categories, but two products Google can never get right are messaging and social. Quite frankly, I don't mind. Google doesn't need to be involved in every product category. I'm perfectly happy with my existing messaging and social platforms, so I doubt anything Google does will change that.

    • The more I think about it, the more I think building out a social feed in Google Photos is a no-brainer. It would be relatively easy for them to do. If it doesn't really catch on, no big deal. G-Photos is already a very successful product. I think it would have a good chance, though -- if you're storing your images there, why not share them there? Googly Instagram, but with powerful AI features, better image presentation with more options, etc. They hit the ground running with a user base.