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    • Cool! I downloaded the Adobe Photoshop Mix app, since I’ve had good results with other Adobe apps. I’ll get through a few tutorials this weekend. I will also share links to the two or three Google Images I choose for my first Photochop attempt in case other folks here would like to do their own attempt and compare results.


    • Always fun playing with images, to see where else you can take them, Taking an image with the Camera is just the start, post-processing brings them to life, or even gives them life. Some times the trick is to make them look like they haven't been touched where others you just let go and see whats pleasing. Here's one thats going a little further than a small dose of reality.

    • This conversation about Blur Photos inspired me to photochop a blurred background with a very clear animal image. I cropped the bottom claws because I couldn’t subtract the background space between the toes using my iPhone app.

    • Okay, the Adobe app makes photochopping something that a beginner could have fun with, even if my efforts will be dwarfed by the master visual artists here.

      How about you post a challenge and whoever’s game can share their efforts by Friday (or whatever deadline you decide)?


    • One from today and bit of background Blur added in, for good measure, this effect always reminds me of the Lord of the rings Wraith world shots.

    • Bit of Photochopping in this one, but effective I think, Always good when they look a bit relaisitic and has people wondering, this shot certainly had a lot of people asking how they missed these two, at Sydneys Vivid last year, (For those not familiar, each year for about two weeks Sydney put on a light show a lot of the bouldings are projected onto and light scuplures scatted through out the city, always worth the trip in to see what they have on show.)

    • Oops, I just saw your question, sorry for the super late reply 🤐 I use Adobe Illustrator Draw (vector based, takes time lapse videos automatically) and Autodesk Sketchbook for the most part!

    • That is indeed interesting, thanks for thinking about me 😊 I like infographics but tend to forget everything after I read them

    • Yesterdays effort, a Laughing Kookaburra (Dacelo novaeguineae) in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan yesterday morning then a bit of post processing last night and the final result so far. (Best viewed large.)

    • Here’s one I just finished. It was done in Adobe Sketch for the iPad. I used the Apple Pencil and a lot of layering

    • @Keenan initial processing in Lightroom, then bought into photoshop, duplicate the layer, then into Topaz impressions via photoshop, apply the template I like adjust the many sliders as I prefer adjust the strength apply a texture then back into photoshop, add in a layer mask and paint the bird back in. Adjust the opacity and paint in some texture from the branches. Then back into Lightroom for some final edits. All pretty simple when you read it like that. Takes about 15 minutes all up.