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    • I mean, the obvious answer is for me to say: pick a partner. Go to a quiet space. And ask them the question of gratitude. Learn how to not speak, and just listen silently, while they’re answering. Learn how to ask deeper follow-up questions that don’t end in a yes or a no. For instance, after you ask the original question, you could ask:

      What values have you learned from this person?

      What do you think that person saw in you that inspired them to invest in the relationship?

      If that person could teach a class to the people in your life today, what would you have them teach?

      And finally, if you could say one thing to that person, right now in this moment, what would you say to them?

      Those series of questions, performed over 5 minutes of conversation, will create greater empathy, and develop a deeper, longer-lasting, more loyal and profitable relationship than you could have ever done in months of getting to know them.