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    • Our dinners resonate with so many people because it offers them a chance to connect, to take a pause on their daily life, to reflect on the past, and to experience the comfort of family. So at our dinners, 6:30 PM, cocktails begin; 8 PM, dinner is served, but at 7:47 PM, we delegate tasks, empowering the attendees to work together to create the meal. So whether you were raised up in a great family and you miss that from your childhood, or you were raised in a fractured home and never got that at all, the simple act of people coming together to cook for each other, serve each other, and eat together is a very comforting thing in this digital disconnected world we live in. So often, we spend time worrying about the future, where the future is filled with doubt. When being around the dinner table with 18 strangers allows you to take a pause and reflect on where we’ve come from. At every dinner, we ask the same question:

      If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life that you don’t give enough credit or thanks to, who would that be?

      Creating a safe space for people to give gratitude to others helps people connect around the dinner table, develop greater empathy, and become a little bit less lonely.