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    • I’d say visiting artists around the world whose products we use on a daily basis. I’m going to invest a lot of time, effort, and money into traveling the world to meet the people who hand-made the cheese we use at every dinner, who hand-distill the tequila, that we drink at every gathering, the grapes with E&J Gallo winery that we drink in every wine we serve, with every pasta sauce that helps empower human connection. And we’re really excited about traveling a lot more to see their work. Going to Italy, going to the West Coast, going to France, going to Mexico, to appreciate the artists whose crafts we use on a daily basis. We use Pecorino Romano Fulvi from, and their grower of cheese outside of Rome in the hills, they are the last multi generational producers of Pecorino Romano around Rome. And one of our partners which we use their wine at every dinner is the world’s largest winery E&J Gallo wine. And we want to go to Santa Barbara to meet the women winemakers of Santa Barbara County and Sonoma County, because in the month of November, E&J Gallo are celebrating Women Winemakers of the World. So we’re going to celebrate that with them.

      And Compoveda Tequila is a super-premium, multi-year aged anejo that’s doing tequila the right way. There’s a family that’s been distilling tequila for multiple generations, and our friends Chris and Keith had to spend three years “dating” the family just to prove that their intentions were pure. So we’ll be going to Tequila Country with Compoveda, just to help work the farm.

      We’re excited to continue diving dinner into the Jewish Tradition of Shabbat dinners with a twist - all the Shabbat dinners we produce around the world are South Carolina low country boil style. A low country boil means you take a big pot, fill it with water, and put shrimp, corn, sausage, and potatoes and Old Bay seasoning, you cook it, strain it, and dump it on a giant table covered with newspapers, and you sit around the table eating the food. We do those in partnership with OneTable and Shusterman Reality Israel. And that’s just a few things!