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    • I've been playing this game since I picked it up from the early launch Thursday night. I just finished Spider-Man just the day before and I must say coming from that, it's a whole lot of different experience.

      Spider-man is fast paced and efficient, with fast travel and stuff. The game is easily finished within a few days.

      Red Dead Redemption II though... it's a whole different beast. So much realism in this game. There's no fast travel until a certain point of the game, and even then, it's still pretty limited. There's fall damage, and you need to be careful with your actions, or there will be consequences. If your horse die before you can cure it, then it's gone forever.

      But man, is this game slow paced or what? I'm not saying this a bad way of course. Playing this game reminds me a lot of Zelda - Breath of the Wild. The fun part playing it is to explore. Ignore the main mission for a while. Go venture with your horse, help out strangers on the road, hunt some animals, buy yourself some new clothes. Heck, go get a haircut and take a warm bath.

      It's a game that needs to be consumed slowly. But man, does it feel satisfying.

    • This is very refreshing to hear! One thing I loved about the first game was how you could just go off and get lost on your own, hunt animals, and do little side missions. The game did a great job of capturing the mystery of the landscape in such a perfect way that I wanted to see every nook and cranny. It was only on occasion that I’d feel compelled to go and do main story missions.

      I can’t really explain why some other open world games don’t entice me to explore in the same way, or are often boring when I try to do so, but Red Dead 1 somehow struck the perfect chord (for me) in this regard.

      It’s exciting to hear you’re enjoying some of the same things about RDR2! I really can’t wait to settle in to this game now.

    • I actually never played RDR1. Bought RDR2 due to the hype and I'd say it has surpassed my expectations. The thing about this game is it's very hard to be enjoyed in short bursts. It takes time for the game to get going once I fire up the console, but whenever I stick with it, it's always a satisfying experience.