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    • I have worked from a home office for almost 10 years now, and have to say that I feel no special need to sit in a busy coffee shop to provide focus. For me, when I have a tight deadline (which seems always to be the case), nothing focuses me more than (a) solitude and (b) a ruthlessly clear and organised workspace. Sitting in a coffee shop would constitute too many micro-distractions that I would be too happy to accept because, individually, they are small. However, over the course of a morning the cumulative distraction would be enormous and I would not have made enough progress on my task, and would feel guilty all day! And, of course, a coffee shop will never be a clear and organised workspace.

      My preferred approach is to work hard, work focused and work alone. And then, when all is done, drive down to the coffee shop as a reward. That is so much more satisfying.

      "Live in the quiet, and drive to the noise when required". Not the other way around.

    • Even your great reply was ruthlessly clear and organized, CygnusX1. 😁 Love it. Welcome to Cake!

      I envy you because too many days I end up with that guilty feeling of having let interruptions blunt how much I got done.

    • We are actively developing the iPhone app with the goal to start working on Android after. Unfortunately we are a tiny team with only 1 engineer developing the app. You can still use Cake in a mobile browser, but we eventually want to have a native app on both platforms.

    • Good to hear. The plain truth is that most of us interact on social media via mobiles. I guess that is because whenever we are at a desk sitting in front of a PC we are generally there to do something else that is specific, detailed and work-related. Social media is reserved for "gap moments", like waiting for trains, planes or such like. Hence the relative preference for mobile interaction.

      In a way this is good, because it feeds spontaneity. However, the bad side is that mobile interaction is also often rushed, shallow and unedifying. I am not suggesting Cake gets a mobile app because it is necessarily better, therefore. Only that it is what we, as supremely flawed humans, are bound to want!