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    • Unfortunately, she didn't finish a route that day. The next day 4 more friends arrived. All of them beginner climbers. So we went to this crag called La Escuela, which was developed for beginning climbers. The routes were slabby and far from vertical. Here's the base of the crag.

      I was the rope gun for those that didn't want to lead. I'd climb it then set a top rope. Here's me sitting at the top of a climb as I watched others climb. Because, why not?

      Zeno, who can climb far harder than these climbs, got his Alex Honnold on and took some risks. Here he is drinking a beer while climbing in 30 MPH winds with 20 ft run outs. He made me a bit nervous, but it was comical.

      The views in the canyon were spectacular:

    • Some more photos...

      Here's Zeno, stoked to be reading the new ORG guidebook. It has all the intel needed to pick great climbs for everyone with every skill level:

      Me getting bored belaying as I was waiting for Zeno to finish resting:

      Here's me letting my sister belay me on an outdoor 10c lead. She is new to belaying leaders outdoors so I made sure to pick something I wouldn't fall on.

      The views were absolutely epic at the top of the gorge:

    • Wow, thanks for the awesome write-up and pics! I’m not a climber but I’m fascinated by it.