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    • However, the new PM seems to at least be seriously looking for a withdrawal deal that can be endorsed. Recent concessionary statements by Merkel and Macron indicate that the negotiating strategy to leave "no deal" open, could actually lead to "a deal".

      Or it could just lead to "no deal", depending on how unattractive that option really is versus having to renegotiate everything and to deal with the political fallout on their side, for the rest of the EU.

      Prisoner's dilemma games like these are hard to do right.

    • So, current agreement was non-binding on parliament, and can be ignored? Well, remember what else was non-binding on parliament? Freaking Brexit referendum! For which there would surely not be support any more.

      But, then there's this:

      BTW, this Jacob guy (for US-ians watching in amusement) stands to gain a substantial amount of money if the UK crashes out of EU without a deal. He has a company that bet against the British pound. He's also a member of the UK government.