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    • If the UK leaves it cannot do deals with the remaining 27EU members. There would only be deals on a variety of issues between the UK and the EU, the latter representing the others.

      The arguments need to reflect the relative balance of trading flows between the UK and EU, and incorporate the possibility of better trading status with non-EU countries. As member of the EU we are forced to comply with EU trade agreements with non-EU states.

      There is also the argument that a free UK could adopt a low or no tariff approach to world trade, which might have a very large effect on trade balances - for the positive.

      Still further, a free UK might also decide to move toward a lower tax model, which would be of interest to inward investors. This is particularly interesting as this might even see some corporations moving to the UK from Europe.

      I am sure it is becoming obvious that there do need to be some serious quantitative arguments applied to the Brexit issue....