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    • I am not convinced that "no-deal" would ultimately be that bad for Britain. I am very surprised and disappointed that nobody (on either side) has made an attempt at a reasoned economic argument for or against no-deal. All we get is platitudes, hyperbolae, and bravado sound bites that have absolutely no substance.

      Europe is likely heading for a recession and even the German economy is slowing. Economically speaking, this may be exactly the time to effect a hard Brexit.

      In the event of a no-deal all that would occur would be a series of individual mini-deals or moratoria.

      I'm no expert, but the argument that being part of a union around a magnitude bigger than oneself (both in terms of GDP and population) is better than having to work out a ton of individual deals makes intuitive sense.

      If the UK no longer is a part of that union, is it really reasonable to assume that it would simply be able to maintain status quo with all other players?