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    • I don't know what magic sauce DJI has going, but they keep blowing me away with their drones and stabilizers. I already have a DJI Osmo that's magic for trail running, following kids around at amusement parks, jumping with them on the trampoline, etc., so I don't need to invest another $350 in one just because it's smaller.

      Or do I? This is so incredibly, magically small for shooting 4K @60fps and being able to lock onto objects. My wonderful wife is going to kill me. She said she gave me an unlimited budget for cameras and I exceeded it.

    • Yep - I'd have use for it for my You Tube bike reviews.
      I use a Fyiu 3 axis gimbal and a Hero 4 currently.

      The only thing that looks slightly disappointing is the Osmo maxes at 60p in both 4k and FHD.

      I don't really 'need' 4K and a Go Pro 7 Black will do 240p in Wide 1080 for the same $ (here). But it won't fit my existing gimbal.

      The frame rate is important for me for slo-mo and vehicle walk-arounds.

      Thanks for the dilemma, Pal :-P

    • I think it looks awesome, and I would have bought it right off the bat IF I had any hopes of getting my video processing pipeline working. So far, all video footage I got just keeps collecting dust on whichever storage devices that were contemporary at that time :/

    • Oh, my! Was thinking of getting a sports camera and, hm... This might be just the thing. Wish it had some high-fps modes, though.

      In the end, I think I'll rather settle on Osmo Mobile.

      It does one thing and does it well. And next year when I get an even better camera in my next phone, it will still work great.

    • I saw a story on it and I'm going to see if they'll send us one for a review. Looks neat as heck. Is it? I'd like to find out.

    • Man, to me it feels like slo-mo is a pretty esoteric demand for a little gadget, at least for someone from my background.

      I get that the Go Pro will deliver it. But its motion control is digital, not mechanical, right? Sometimes leading to odd effects?

      I'd be happy with 24 frames per second. :-)

    • A Go Pro 7 is also a little gadget - that does killer slo-mo. I have a quite specific need for it in my productions. But I would need a new gimbal - dang it! ;-)

    • Absolutely love it though it might be a bit overkill for our home vids.

      We're tossing up between the Pocket or the Osmo Mobile 2 @jpop showed for our big trip next year. With the Osmo Mobile 2 you can also remove the mobile head and put a Go Pro mount on it as well.

    • I have the Osmo Mobile 2 with the GoPro bracket and it's pretty amazing. I mostly use it with my iPhone because I want to see what I'm shooting, so I wouldn't buy the GoPro bracket again. The Osmo 2 is only $140. Crazy. This is what makes me hesitate to buy the Pocket — the Osmo 2 is so good.

      I also bought Filmic Pro app for iPhone for $10 and it makes a huge diff. You can set it to record 24 fps, you get separate focus and exposure reticles to set them independently, you can lock things like white balance, etc. I tell it to turn off the iPhone image stabilization because Osmo's is so good that it looks better without the two competing with each other.

      Honestly, I don't see how I could live without 120 fps slo mo. When we were at Great America a few months ago the rides were so fast 120 was my go to. I could always use 30 or 60 when editing. I even used some of the 120 fps frames for stills because the faster shutter speed makes them pretty crisp.

    • In researching this camera, Android users sound frustrated with DJI apps. Hit or miss whether they work on your phone. Customer support not good. That's discouraging.

    • That's very good to know, thx for the pointer! Software from HW-centric companies is usually far from polished and/or user friendly. Alternatives are always welcome.

    • I'm posting here a comment to our overview of the Pocket on ADVRider.

      Sleepyca day ago

      worked in Drones since 2005. Starting with buying "home made" flight
      controls back in 2005. I have used every version of DJI's flight
      controls from the NAZA to the A3, every drone they have made, and almost
      all their camera stabilizers.I owned an Aerial Cinema company where we
      flew Red Epics and other very heavy expensive cameras... Here is what I
      can tell you about DJI. NEVER , NEVER buy the first version of a new
      DJi product. DJI makes great products, but they LOVE to test new
      products on their customers. VER 1.0 is never as good as it can be and
      usually has several bugs. This was especially true back in 2010 - 2012..
      They have got somewhat better, but still I'd let the product be out for
      a few months before snagging it. But when DJI get's it right they nail
      it. The new Mavic Pro 2 is amazing, the Inspire 2 is awesome. These are
      all several versions of the product down the line and these have been
      amazing. In regard to Android, I have used both Android and Apple
      products with DJI equipment. The biggest problem people will have with
      Android is that there are so many versions of Android out there it makes
      it almost impossible for DJi to make their software compatable with
      them all. If you really read the Android complaints it usually a guy who
      has a phone or tablet made by a weird company that is using a modded
      version of Android that was never stock to begin with, OR a phone that
      came out yesterday... If you have a decent known android product and
      it's running a stable known version of the android software, it will be
      fine with a DJI product. I hope this helps!

    • I had a play with an Osmo Pocket today.
      It's impressive for sure, but I'm pretty much convinced the Hero 7 Black is the better tool for my moto-vlogging jobs.
      Seems here in Aus the GoPro is around $80 cheaper too.

    • Yep - pretty harsh application environment - plus the previously mentioned frame rates. I have use for 120+ - and no real need for 4K.
      Also the built in mic's sound quality.
      And I use an external mic when recording voice over while riding. I haven't seen any mention of external mic capability on the Osmo?

      Edit: 9.Can I use an external microphone for Osmo Pocket?

      Yes, you can achieve this with the DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm Adapter.