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    • Sometimes website functionality is about the big things like design, etc., and sometimes small, seemingly insignificant ones. This is for those little nits - or what you think are nits, when you don't see a big problem...just an annoying one! :D The designers can tell us if it is bigger than we thought!

      1. I used to be able to "unclick" a reaction on the emoji's, to no emoji at all. Today I accidentally clicked a reaction on my own post....not intending to do that. Now I HAVE to pick an emoji, because it won't let me "unclick" to nothing. Why can't I go back to nothing?

      2. I saw Chris use an emoji in his original post, once. How do the rest of us do that?


    • Thank you for a great feedback!

      1. This is definitely a bug, not sure when it creeped in, but we'll fix it. You should be able to "unclick" your reaction if you change your mind.

      2. If you are on a mobile device (iOS or Android) you can simply use an emoji like you would when text messaging. If you are on MacOS you can press Control+Command+Spacebar which would bring up a virtual emoji picker (similar to the one in iOS). I'm not sure how to do this on a PC.

      Hope this helps and please keep feedback like this coming no matter how seemingly small it may seem. Every "friction point" needs to be "ironed out" 😉

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