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    • We have 2 Android tablets of different vintages which the kids would only use for a minute before deciding they hated them because of poor display performance. They gather dust.

      Stick them on a wall with this magnetic thingy, (or something similar) and that makes for a cheapish but effective wall display of pretty much anything you might want to, from to do/chores/shopping lists to sunset/sunrise times, to game scores to, well, your imagination's the only limit. Keeping them powered might take a bit of thought, though, but there's usually a spare outlet near the doors/exits where it makes sense to put them.

    • I can definitely relate. We have our own version of planned obsolescence in our household where my wife and I use the latest and greatest and our old iPads are passed down to our two little girls. Right now I’m using the iPad Pro and loving it. My wife has one as well. My 7yr old is using an iPad Mini and my 3yr old is on a iPad 2 but she’s getting her own iPad Mini soon.