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    • I tried 2 android tablets in the past, galaxy tab 10.1 (1st gen) and the nexus 7 (first gen). They were both pure crap. Since then I've been using mostly an iPad 4th gen and the iPad 2017. The iPad experience is very pleasant. The OS is fast fluid and responsive, especially with the latest swipe gestures. I would definitely recommend the iPad for anyone, including android phone users.

      You won't know what you're missing until you used one. Just like a smart watch, I never thought i need one, but once you have one, it's really hard to imagine life without it. At home, I always grab my iPad whenever I wana read Google Play Books, watch youtube videos or watch any downloaded movies (it's super easy to transfer any movie from PC to iPad and watch it on VLC player). It's also more comfortable to read any PDF files (e-magazines, or student's thesis/assignment, journals papers) on the ipad rather than on my laptop. the ipad screen ratio is similar to A4 size and you can basically "flip the page" rather than do vertical scrolling on a landscape monitor). Lastly, when wana view photos together with anyone, its great to view on the iPad using google photos, the 4:3 ratio is perfect since most phone camera capture pic in this 4:3 ratio.

      For the above activities, bigger screen is always better. For other activities like instagram, twitter, and facebook, i still prefer to use my phone. For some reason, i can type faster on my phone compared to the iPad despite its smaller keyboard.

      Another big benefit of the iPad, it's the perfect travel companion. The battery life can easily give you up to ~8 hours usage and the standby time can last for months. I always bring it for train or plane rides. When I arrive at my destination, I still have almost full battery on my phone for ride hailing apps. No worries at all.

      I got my mother an iPad and she never use her laptop ever since. She basically always on her ipad when she's at home. Easy to video call using facetime and iOS is very "old people friendly", which is good because I receive more calls from my mom asking me to solve her phone problem compared to tablet problem.

    • I bought the same Nexus 7 a few days after it became available... but beyond initial tinkering it never found a place in my daily routine and workflows. So it gathered dust for couple years until I got it out, put LineageOS on it, and put it on the wall with a magnetic attachment, where it served as a household display of, well, stuff - Hue lights control, weather forecast and sensor data, occasionally Spotify control for harder to spell or non-English named tracks, etc.

      We also own an iPad 2, quite old by now, but it survived one kid, now a preteen, and might just live long enough to be owned by the next kid, currently a toddler :)

    • I have a super-old second generation iPad that I don't think is really working anymore. It takes a charge, but it's very difficult to get it to update with Netflix or Amazon Prime videos to watch on long journeys. I do have some eBooks on it as well, but it gets overwhelmed when I try to update various apps or programs.

    • I have a 1st gen Nexus gathering dust - battery failure killed that long ago. I was an early adopter of that device.

      I currently am still using my 2nd generation Nexus 7. After a software update bricked it, I did managed to get into the queue to have it repaired back in 2015. Today, it's battery life isn't great, but it's still chugging along. It's primary use is bed-time reading, and listening to police scanner audio while falling asleep.

      My wife killed the Nexus 9 (I need a bigger screen) not long ago with a charging port issue (repair was prohibitively expensive...), so I purchased a Samsung Tab S2 from Costco not long ago.

      Now, she does use iPads at work...and I think she'd like one for home. However, since I'm the IT person here, and have never been an Apple probably won't happen.

    • My wife and I each have a Kindle Fire (HD 8) and they get steady use. We both use them as ebook readers and I play some (stupid) games on them. Most days I also read the Washington Post via their app. For anything that requires typing or otherwise more sophistication, I use my PC (like now). I don't have a smart phone, and no inclination to get one, but my wife has recently upgraded to an old Samsung model since the dumb phone she had was dying.

    • Have to admit I am a HUGE tablet fan as is everyone in this house. I use an Ipad pro 9.7 (older). I use it for emails, watching shows (in peace) and it leaves the TV available for sport. I tried the Galaxy tab but wasn't as happy. I do use a Kindle for reading at night - honestly it has fallen off the bed so often and still lives -- I know an ipad could not do that!