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    • Kinda frustrated right now... came to the bottom of a thread where there were four colored boxes with topics and “follow” buttons—missed hitting the follow button on a box that said “Introductions” (I’m on my iPhone), and the box turned into “iPhone Photos” (which I’m now following-heh).

      I can’t figure out how to find that “Introductions” box again to follow it. When I hit the search icon at the bottom of my screen, I get to the categories home screen. But “Introductions” must be buried in one of the categories because it’s not listed as a category I checked the “People” category (makes sense, right?), but didn’t find it there.

      How do I find a subcategory without having to open each category?

    • We need search. We feel it more and more as Cake gets more topics and posts. We made good progress toward search in April, but unfortunately we won’t be able to deploy it until at least June. I can’t wait to see how it changes behavior when it’s live.

    • We’ve all been spoiled by Google. Good search is rare and complex. It will be an oft-used tool here, though, because of the unusual structure. Important to get it right.

      (Can you share a link to that topic? Or do I just have to wait and see if it magically appears again sometime?)

    • Until the Bakers add search, remember that that you can add as a search term in Google. Google < search> and you'll probably find this thread (and others). It's not perfect and I don't know how often the crawlers update the index, but it might be useful sometimes. Just a suggestion.

    • Yes, Google's search is so great it astonishes me every day. If I search for an address in maps, it brings up a map that not only displays the obscure location I sought in Cambodia, it shows the status of traffic along the route. Can you imagine the compute power required to keep half the world's roads traffic status up to date?

      We could have implemented an easier solution to search and had it awhile ago, but we chose an option that we think will provide a better solution over the long term. We agonize over trade-offs like that.

      Here's the topic you seek:

      The thing about topics is we assign them to one of about 25 categories. When our users create topics that don't fit one of the categories, we establish new ones. Last weekend we added Games, Music and Religion.

      The problem with introductions is I categorized it under the category Relationships awhile back... Ugh, no wonder you couldn't find it without search. Where would you expect it to be?

    • Oh. That makes too much sense. I moved it there.

      Somehow my mindset was that people was all notable names.

    • Oh. That makes too much sense

      Well, I’m definitely not going to look for intros in the Relationships category. “Hi, my name is Brittney and I like long walks on the beach...” 🤨

    • I'm happy to say that topic search is now live to help you find those interests without having to navigate through each category.

      Thanks for being patient with us! More search features are coming soon.

    • So how do I change the categories I am following or want to follow in one place? Looked in settings and profile, only way I see id finding a post that has the category I want to act on and do it there, which is a clunky and time consuming.

      Is there a @cake list or how do I get the attention of the dev folks without blasting all of them on the posts?

    • Thank you, just could not recall where I saw that and was pulled to my settings and profile as that to me at least made more sense. Seems you would want to be able to manage this a bit more in detail with follow and unfollow.