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    • I have had occasion to try to go back and find something within a conversation that wasn’t actually related to the thread title (I know—how disorganized of me). Is there a way to apply one or more of the main category tags to just a single post within an existing thread?

      For instance, I veered off an original topic (was it the Fox News one, or was it the Internet outrage one? I can’t remember) and posted a resource about land use. My post related to something in the thread, but it doesn’t relate to the OP’s thread categories. Is there a way for me to tag that one post so it shows up in the list under an “Outdoors” category (assuming that category exists), or do I just have to be aware that it will be buried in the original thread, and if I want It to appear in “Outdoors,” I will have to start a new thread so I can tag it such as the OP?

    • Sorry to stick my nose in, it may not even be relevant, but , I'll risk it anyway , going off topic could upset the OP hence the introduction off this new feature ,which will allow the OP to hide your comment indicating via an email that you are off topic, personally I don't like but ....

    • oh wow.


      IMO, Some of the best conversations are the ones that wander, so this is sort of a weird “compromise.” Unintentionally offensive, maybe? Hmmm.

    • Only conversations can currently have topics associated with them. Posts within a conversation are assumed to be related to the conversation's topics.

      The best way to find a specific post if you're not sure what conversation it's in is to search for it. If you can remember a few relevant words or phrases that were in the post, then the odds are pretty good that your search will turn it up.

      I want to add that it's natural for conversations to drift and take tangents. The degree to which that's acceptable is up to the people in the conversation and ultimately the person who started the conversation.

      Cake has always allowed conversation owners to moderate their own conversations by hiding posts. The only recent change is that we added the ability for them to explain why they hid a post. One of the available predefined reasons is "Off topic", but this isn't intended to encourage people to hide all slightly off-topic posts. Our hope is that it will rarely be necessary for conversation owners to hide posts, and so far this is what we've seen.

    • I'm throwing out a suggestion that is not well defined in my own mind, but one which you might consider. This is NOT a feature request. This is merely fodder for your brain. If you think that it is rubbish, simply toss it - because I'm just brainstorming here.

      Might there be a mechanism whereby a set of comments within a conversation which interact with each other might be split away from the original conversation into a conversation of their own?

      Or possibly, a mechanism whereby a participant within such a set of comments might initiated a separate conversation which "copies and pastes" the previous comments which are relevant to the new conversation?

      I'm not sure how this would be implemented nor am I sure how it would play out among the users, but thought I would mention it to you as something you might take under consideration.

    • Maybe when the email goes out to inform a conversationalist that their post has been removed, the OP could decide (if it isn’t spam or offensive drivel) to include a suggestion to start a new thread with the deleted post???

    • We've considered a few ideas like this for branching conversations out from existing conversations. I think there are a lot of possibilities.

      You can already link directly to any post (even to multiple posts) like Julianne did above, and you'll get a nice link embed with a preview of that post. This is a great general purpose way to branch off a new convo about posts from another convo, although not many users have discovered it yet.

      I'm hoping this will catch on more, because linking to another post is really easy and intuitive, and it also provides all the information we'd need behind the scenes to start tracking "relationships" between conversations. We can then build UI enhancements and other cool functionality on top of this.

    • You know the codebase, could you add a link under the share link that combined the share code with the start new conversation code in such a way as to produce an automatic embed in a new conversation?

      If you could do that, you might also send a meta flag to the tracking code notifying it of this relationship.

    • Yep, it would be possible to do that as a convenience feature. It would really just be saving the user the step of pasting a link into the new conversation (which already provides all the information we'll need down the road in order to build relationship-aware functionality), so we'd need to consider whether that's worth the menu real estate.

    • Sure! To get a shareable link to a post, click the downward-pointing triangle in the top right of the post, then choose "Share" from the menu.

      You can copy the link that's displayed and then paste it into another post or conversation to create a link to that post with an embedded preview of its content.

    • ^ Thanks!

      Now I am even more interested in an idea that has been percolating...

      I’d like to “grab” posts with interesting resources and bank them somewhere just for my use—sort of a personal list of stuff to delve into more deeply.

      I’ve thought about starting a panel discussion that would not have any other panelists (so I have control over what I curate), and “sharing” (copy and paste) those interesting posts in my panel. However, would my personal panel show up at the top of the most recent list for everyone to see every time I add a share to it? That would be awkward and annoying...

    • The software provider we use to manage one of our services does a phenomenal job of providing short three to five minute how to videos on each feature. Each video provides a step by step screen walkthrough of what to click and how to configure your options. It may sound like an antiquated option, but we’ve had to call customer support only once in the past year to figure out how to access a feature.

      It took me a week and a half to realize that Cake’s “conversations” are equivalent to blog posts and that Cake’s “posts” are similar to blog comments.

      The features on 🍰 are light years ahead of any other forum I’ve been on before, but I’m realizing that there is also a much higher learning curve to get up to speed.

    • Yep, your personal panel would be visible to other users, so this isn't what I would recommend.

      The Apple Notes app on iOS and macOS (presumably there's a similar app for Android/PC?) is a great place to jot down links you want to refer to later. You can even share directly from Safari to Notes to get a nice little link embed with a preview right in the note.

      You could also consider using browser bookmarks. I know bookmarks are a little old school and most people don't use them much anymore, but every Cake conversation and post has its own bookmarkable URL, so creating browser bookmarks could work well.

    • Piggybacking on @yaypie’s suggestions, if you click and hold on a link, it gives you an option to add it your Reading List if you click “Read Later.” Most people don’t use the Reading List but it’s a quick way to save links without having to remember later which folder you saved it to.