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    • Yep, your personal panel would be visible to other users, so this isn't what I would recommend.

      The Apple Notes app on iOS and macOS (presumably there's a similar app for Android/PC?) is a great place to jot down links you want to refer to later. You can even share directly from Safari to Notes to get a nice little link embed with a preview right in the note.

      You could also consider using browser bookmarks. I know bookmarks are a little old school and most people don't use them much anymore, but every Cake conversation and post has its own bookmarkable URL, so creating browser bookmarks could work well.

    • Piggybacking on @yaypie’s suggestions, if you click and hold on a link, it gives you an option to add it your Reading List if you click “Read Later.” Most people don’t use the Reading List but it’s a quick way to save links without having to remember later which folder you saved it to.