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    • Yep, it would be possible to do that as a convenience feature. It would really just be saving the user the step of pasting a link into the new conversation (which already provides all the information we'll need down the road in order to build relationship-aware functionality), so we'd need to consider whether that's worth the menu real estate.

    • Sure! To get a shareable link to a post, click the downward-pointing triangle in the top right of the post, then choose "Share" from the menu.

      You can copy the link that's displayed and then paste it into another post or conversation to create a link to that post with an embedded preview of its content.

    • ^ Thanks!

      Now I am even more interested in an idea that has been percolating...

      I’d like to “grab” posts with interesting resources and bank them somewhere just for my use—sort of a personal list of stuff to delve into more deeply.

      I’ve thought about starting a panel discussion that would not have any other panelists (so I have control over what I curate), and “sharing” (copy and paste) those interesting posts in my panel. However, would my personal panel show up at the top of the most recent list for everyone to see every time I add a share to it? That would be awkward and annoying...

    • The software provider we use to manage one of our services does a phenomenal job of providing short three to five minute how to videos on each feature. Each video provides a step by step screen walkthrough of what to click and how to configure your options. It may sound like an antiquated option, but we’ve had to call customer support only once in the past year to figure out how to access a feature.

      It took me a week and a half to realize that Cake’s “conversations” are equivalent to blog posts and that Cake’s “posts” are similar to blog comments.

      The features on 🍰 are light years ahead of any other forum I’ve been on before, but I’m realizing that there is also a much higher learning curve to get up to speed.

    • Yep, your personal panel would be visible to other users, so this isn't what I would recommend.

      The Apple Notes app on iOS and macOS (presumably there's a similar app for Android/PC?) is a great place to jot down links you want to refer to later. You can even share directly from Safari to Notes to get a nice little link embed with a preview right in the note.

      You could also consider using browser bookmarks. I know bookmarks are a little old school and most people don't use them much anymore, but every Cake conversation and post has its own bookmarkable URL, so creating browser bookmarks could work well.

    • Piggybacking on @yaypie’s suggestions, if you click and hold on a link, it gives you an option to add it your Reading List if you click “Read Later.” Most people don’t use the Reading List but it’s a quick way to save links without having to remember later which folder you saved it to.