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    • I find it therapeutic to talk to other parents of boys and compare notes on what their experiences are compared to mine. Such as do all boys find it fun to disassemble a nicely organized dvd collection and scatter it across the floor? Or to run instead of walk? My little guy just can’t stop moving or touching things which keeps us constantly moving as well. I’m curious to know experiences others have had with their son or if you had a daughter just as wildly curious and nonstop. Is there any other mode other than hyperdrive? 😝

    • I was having this conversation over breakfast last week with a guy who isn't a parent yet. I was saying "I know, it sounds sexist, but I hardly know a parent who has both boys and girls who doesn't observe a big difference." Boys love to wreck things and take them apart.

      Prior to giving birth, so many parents think like we did, that it's cultural. But when you watch them grow, most parents change their minds. I always told Toni, there should be a special place in heaven for mothers of three boys. Guns... Army men...

    • the other day my kids (4 and 2) struck LCD TV with a mop as they saw something coming out of movie. Good thing the LCD is still going strong, didn't know they are quite tough. Now they are using subwoofer as a ladder to the top of tv cabinet, have to guard them all the time. I can't even keep indoor plants! one day whole lot of soil was found in every corner of sofas and floor

      Huge credit goes to mothers.

    • we just had our 4th boy last Wednesday trying to get my wife to come contribute as she will cover it way better than I ever could! Just like she does with everything else in our life!

    • I laughed when I saw your photo, my daughter (1) loves pulling out dvds and opening cabinets / drawers. She likes pushing buttons and getting into all things electronic. We had to buy a new TV remote because she destroyed one of them by chucking it several times.

      In general I feel like she is more of an observer, but she seems to have a lot of energy!

    • My mom tells a story about how when I was a toddler I loved to play with the knobs on the stereo. But Dad hated me messing up his settings, so he'd yell "Ryan, no no!" from across the room to get me to stop.

      One day when Mom was in the other room, she heard my little voice saying "no no!" over and over again. When she came to investigate, she saw me reaching up, playing with the knobs on the stereo, and then swatting my own hand away and saying "no no!" before doing it again.

    • We don't talk about the time I practiced my golf swing in the living room and hit the glass top of a coffee table. Nobody ever brought it up. I now realize they didn't have to. They knew.

    • I take life for what it is! One chaotic minute at a time, one day at a time, and somehow the years just keep flying by! My oldest will be 8 and I actually spent a few moments today looking at old archived photos on my computer and can still remember those moments. I lose my mind, and my temper occasionally and usually my keys daily. I chose to have this many, so I try not to complain about them ever, but trust me, they try the patience. I also recently talked to a priest at my church who when I asked for more patience, he offered up the thought to ask for persistence.I also have a very active lifestyle, my hobby is the gym and running, and I have a very awesome husband who at times, tries my patience just as much, but we are a team and I appreciate what we have together. I just keep going. I don't have any other option!

    • You are amazing!

      I try to take it all one day at a time and I love it but it is hard. Some days harder than others. I think that is why it is so helpful to reach out to others to get a reality check to see if it is just you who feels they are losing their mind or if you’re all on the crazy bus together.

    • I should also point out that the pic I posted is not even our house. This is what happens when you turn your back for one second. 🤣

    • oh I think for sure every parent is on the crazy bus... at least a few stops a day! If we aren’t, then I’m not sure we are doing it right! Even at the calmest moments, I wonder when the chaos will commence again. It’s almost like we miss the crazy when we have a moment or two to relax. Wondering where it went... and when it’s coming back. That’s when we are needed. That’s why I needed to have one more child. To prolong the chaos! 😋

    • Hahaha! That belongs in some famous book of quotations. I should put that on a plaque and hang it in our house. 😍

    • My LCD TV wasn't so luckly. My boy destroyed it at 7 years old when his Nintendo Wii controller flew from his hand to the screen. That was $1,200 down the drain.

    • My oldest two each have a plasma TV death on their hands... one time we are certain it was a wooden toy apple. The second we have no idea but in both cases we were left with a very expensive radio.....

      So we switch to LED and only had one single TV for a while until our friend Adam moved back to San Fran and left his TV for the family. Now we have two TVs and two sons that haven't broken a TV yet... I figure it's a matter of time!

    • We had a tupperware drawer that only had tupperware in it and the boys would pull them out and we would find them all over the house in the strangest of places... but that was the one drawer they were allowed to get into.. The rest were kept closed with some sort of child lock that half the time we couldn't figure out how to get in to...

    • Reminds me:

      My daughter opened a medicine bottle, supposedly child-safe, when she was 3. Lucky I saw it before she started ingesting it all.

      My son drank a whole bottle of hand sanitizer when he was 3. That was the first time he got drunk. He kept stumbling and falling like a sailor.

      My son got the kickname "torpedo", because you wouldn't see him crawling under the furniture until something crashed

      One time my son went flying head-first while we were having dinner. What happened was that...

      (ad infinitum)

    • Parenting is all about setting boundaries and knowing when to adjust them based on the values the parents have; just teach him what you and your spouse feel is appropriate behavior. One major goal I set for my kids was to get them to a place where they were making good decisions by the time they were teens/young adults. Or at least being aware that if they made a poor / bad decision, they would have to face the consequences of it. It made for some moments, but mistakes are where the learning happens. No one learns anything by being perfect or successful all the time.

    • That's the beginning of moral behavior! I'm really sad that my kids have stopped doing that because now I don't discover their naughtiness till the mess is made. :)

    • I have a boy and a girl. I really haven't noticed most of the supposed gender differences that people talk about. Both are very active and cause all kinds of chaos. We call our daughter 'the destroyer ' because she takes such glee in helping entropy along. My son has never stopped moving in his life. Both are sweet and both are terrible. They differ in personality but not in the 'boy' 'girl' ways that society insists are true. Maybe it's just my kids, but that's what we see. My son loooooves flowers. My daughter likes to shoot all the vampires in my garden. My son reads obsessively about legos and Pokemon. My daughter loves pink and anything cute. They're both just a mix.