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    • Jaybird Tarah Pro wireless headphones have a 14-hour battery life, up to 800 feet of range (3 rooms apart), are waterproof with deep bass and crisp highs. I’ve been working out, running and biking with them for 2 months and compared them to my Jaybird X3 in this review.

      Being a triathlete, I have to put many hours for long runs and bike rides and wanted headphones that last. I own 3 pairs of Jaybird X3s and have to rotate between them as batteries don't hold the charge after 2 years. Rated at 8 hours, I'm lucky to get 2 hours from each pair.

      $159 price tag is a bit high, but I decided to splurge for the all-new design and some features that have been bugging me with Jaybird X3. I was choosing between Jaybird X4 and Jaybird Tara Pros, but after reading reviews, it seemed that Jaybird X4 are waterproof X3 with minor changes. I also own Jaybird X, X2, and Jaybird Freedom, but Jaybird X3 are their closest comparison.

      I decided to upgrade to the Jaybird Tarah Pro before leaving for a 3 week trip to Europe. I didn't want to deal with charging and juggling between three pairs of Jaybirds X3 and just focus on training while traveling and competing.

      This review is broken up into multiple sections to focus on specific features. 

    • Battery Life

      Jaybird Tarah Pro 14 hour battery life is impressive. The first real test of the battery test came on a 10-hour flight filled with music and movies. Flying from San Francisco, California to Geneva, Switzerland, they provided excellent passive sound isolation while sound quality during the flight. When I landed, Jaybird Tarah Pro still had a 20% charge left. 

      Even after a two-hour-long run, it had an 80% charge, ready for the next one. Charging only once a week has become a reality. 

      Jaybird Tarah Pro features quick charging, but in real life, I haven't had a need to use it yet. It is comforting to know that in 5 minutes of charing, they'll be ready for 2 hours of listening.

    • Sound Quality

      They sound better than my Jaybird X3, X2, and X. I don't have X4 to compare them to, but looking at the speaker specs, they have slightly wider sensitivity range and peak power. To unlock their true sound, I used Jaybird's EQ app to fine-tune the highs, mids, and lows.

    • Custom EQ

      This is a killer feature for me as it unlocks the true potential of the headphones. I like to experiment with frequency controls by dialing the bass and highs to my tastes. There are tons of presets to choose from, but I want to create my own. 

      Once the preset is saved, it is uploaded directly into the headphones. No matter what device they are paired to, the sound profile is always mine.

    • Fit and Comfort

      The silicon one-piece ear loops and ear tips are comfortable once I found the right size. There are three pairs of ear loops included: small, medium, and large. 

    • My biggest concern was the lack of foam tips that I use on all of my older Jaybird X3, X2, and X. In fact, it was the first thing I wanted to order without even trying out the silicon tips. However, even Comply doesn't offer Jaybird Tarah Pro foam tips or have future plans to make them(Ichecked their official responses). So I had to stick with silicon tips. They work surprisingly well, and unlike foam, tips don't soak up sweat. The sound isolation is good. Once in a while during a run, I would take them out, wipe off sweat, and put them back in. That seals them well again. 

      Silicon ear loops are softer and more comfortable than on Jaybird X3, X2, and X. The actual headphone drivers rotate 90 degrees, which makes inserting them easier. This is one of the surprisingly useful features I wish other headphones had. I'm hoping that Jaybird X5 will adopt this design. 

    • The included clip comes handy for securing the cord to a hat or t-shirt. It keeps the cord from bouncing around or rubbing against sweaty skin.

    • Wireless Signal

      Jaybird Tarah Pro runs on Bluetooth 5.0 (800 feet, 243 meters outside or 3 rooms apart), unlike X3 and X4 that still run on Bluetooth 4.1(33 feet, 10 meters outside or 1 room apart). The jump in signal strength from 33 feet to 800 feet(theoretical)is remarkable. I can now walk around the house without the fear of losing connection, This has been a major headache with my older Jaybird X3.

      When sweat drips on the cord close to the controller unit, it doesn't cut out the signal like it did with X3. The new round braided fabric cord is much better than the rubber flat cord on X3. It is easy to cinch and doesn't stick to the skin when sweaty.

    • Waterproof and Sweatproof

      Jaybird Tarah Pro are IPX7 certified. They can be submerged up to 3.3 ft (1meter of water) for 30 minutes. In practical terms, it means that after a long, sweaty run, I can wash them in the sink to and they'll still work. Sweat is never an issue.

    • Magnetic Lock

      The two headphone drivers have built-in magnets on the outside. When close together, they magnetically lock onto each other. I find this specific feature extremely useful for carrying them around on the neck when not listening to music.

    • Charging Cradle

      Jaybird Tarah Pro finally nailed the proper charging cradle(dock,dongle) that doesn't suck. Unlike X3, X2, and X, this charger is magnetic and snaps in place when the controller unit is close by.

    • Headphones can be placed on the charging cradle in either direction. I no longer have to fiddle and wonder why my X3s aren't charging only to realize I put them on a cradle the wrong way.

    • Calling and Voice controls

      It does the job of picking up calls and for quick responses. I would recommend stopping the activity and getting out of the wind so that the person on the other side of the call can hear you better. I like that it has this feature, though I rarely use it on either Jaybird Tarah Pro or Jaybird X3.

      Press and hold on the middle button activates Siri for voice commands. That button is also customizeable in the app for other functions. I rarely use it though.

    • Controller Unit

      The buttons on the unit are made of hard rubber, and I like the mold of a plus(volumeup or next song) and a minus(volumedown or previous song) over the X3 or X2. My fingertips can actually, which button is which. Here is a comparison of control units from Jaybird Tarah Pro, Jaybird X3, and Jaybird X2 side-by-side.

    • Conclusion

      Jaybird Tarah Pros are setting the standard of what future Jaybirds wireless headphones should be. I'm hoping that Jaybird X5 will inherit many of its features at a more affordable price point. The battery life of Jaybird Tarah Pros elevates them to the class of its own. The sound is superb with customizable deep bass, full mids, and crisp highs. The fit is excellent with independently rotating drivers and silicon ear loops.

      They are my go-to headphones for longer workouts beating out my Apple Powerbeats Pro and Jaybird X3. I also compared Apple Powerbeats Pro with Apple AirPods in an earlier review.

      The only real complaint is the $159 price I had to pay, but it got me the battery life and solved a few annoying problems I had with Jaybird X3, so for me, they are worth it.

      I’d love to hear your experience with Jaybird Tarah Pro.

      If you have questions about specific features not covered in this review, please comment here.