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    • He's had an exceptional career. A great life. He doesn't have a terminal illness. He just feels it's time. Australia doesn't allow it but Switzerland does.

      Your thoughts.

    • I've always said that if I live long enough to get tired of living, my plan is to drive a sports car out the back of a chartered cargo plane and fall to my death in the fiery mouth of Mount Erebus.


      David Goodall chose a slightly quieter way to go out, but I admire him for going out when he's ready, on his own terms.

    • Tough subject for anyone, I imagine. Puts into perspective the things we do in our own time, doesn't it?

      Understanding and unconditional support for those we love.
      Patience, as we wait for time to heal.
      Presence, to feel the journey.

    • I think we should have the choice about how to end our lives at some point, as long as we are of sound mind. I have always planned to do so. My father ended his life, at age 85, not wanting to continue to have to deal with ongoing poor health, increasingly intrusive medical intervention, and a failing abiltity to enjoy life. He was NOT depressed; this was a very thoughtful and conscious decison, in keeping with a lifetime of willlful independence, which he discussed at length with his family and doctor. He did so by refusing all medication and food and was lucky to have a family and doctor who supported his decision. Though we feared that when he slipped to a point where he might no longer be deemed competent someone would order medical interventions, fortunately this did not occur. He died peacefully the way he chose to. As medical technology continues to increase longevity, questions about how life will end are becomming more and more relevant.

    • He's an amaing character he was forced to quit work at Perth’s Edith Cowan university at 102.
      After a massive campaign that decision was reversed, I'm not sure when he finally quit work.

      His decission to go to Switzerland has got the conversation going again in Australia for us to look at our end of life laws.
      Things are starting to change slowly, but at this stage it's only coming to the state of Victoria next year, then only for terminally ill patients.

      Having had a father with Alzheimers disease who needed 24 hour a day care for 8 years before he died, I hope we find a compassionate solution to helping those that choose to end thier lives, when the time is right.

      Onwards David, find your peace mate.

    • There have been similair discussions in NZ with a bill passing a first reading in Parliment last December. It's something that has VERY strong opinions on both sides.

    • After my uncle died, I read Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' On Death and Dying. I've followed the right to die conversation from afar and made up my own mind on the heroic measures portion of health care. The right to end your life at a time of your choosing is something I believe folks should have-maybe then, the number of suicides would decrease as it becomes more acceptable to discuss dying and perhaps things that lead to suicide-this has always been a taboo to discuss even though it's something we will all experience at some point.

    • Because of my past, I hate the thought of suicide. But, at 104, I respect anything he wants to do. Whether he passes now or a few years from now, his family will be grieving for him. If he's suffering at his age, and can make the decision for himself, then I guess I would support him.

    • It was interesting to read of his life credits. One thing, in the photo with family, he was identified as frail. If he’s been seated on the sofa, I’m not sure you could have said that. He looks great doe his age.

      I am thankful he was allowed his decision. Too bad he had to leave his home to carry out his wish.

    • Wow... Powerful picture yes.What words could ever rise above the tears..knowing a loss was immediately imminent ? My thoughts turn to member of a small community where i lived in 14 years ...In fact .. I still keep in touch when i can with residents of the area to stay connected to what was such a huge part of my life. This time last year i knew one of my former neighbors Carson from that area ..was terminally ill with cancer...I was asking about Carson's progress or lack of ..and was shocked to learn that he decided to end his life via doctor assisted means .

      I was saddened to think of the impact on his family...Wife... adult children... Many reading this will reflect on that missed opportunity for a last conversation with a loved one say what you may had rightfully or wrongfully withheld for years or something you had to reaffirm...if just one last chance...
      But someone ending the conversation knowingly takes time to compute... Yes we know when it is time to put down an animal due to pain / quality of life... god only knows there are times when you wish someone could take the reins for the tough choices... but knowing
      Carson made the decision was so much better than "instructions" for a family member ... "when to pull the plug".
      In the end we have to be at peace with ourselves and our choices... and pray the others at least try... to understand....

      RIP buddy